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    Post Joining A HazMat Team

    Wondering how other Career Dept out there get new members to there hazmat team when a vacancy opens up at your station from retirement,personal promoting and moving to another station or member just getting off team. Does your team requiere certin level of training before a person can apply to get on the hazmat team or just anyone who wants to join the team can get on??
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    All of our firefighters are ops trained. Members are welcome to get tech certified prior to getting on the team but it isn't a requirement. Once on the team a member works on the DOT tech and then haz mat IC.

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    Thumbs up Haz Mat Requirements

    In our department we have minimum standards of the following, all firefighters have FF1,FF2,FF3,1041-Instructor,Inspector 1, and Haz Mat Awareness and Operations.
    Minimum to bid a Haz Mat position are the following, Haz Mat Site Practices, Haz Mat Incident Command, Chemistry 1, Haz Mat Safety, and Pschyomotor Skills Practical Testing. Then the State Haz Mat Tech test. Then the FF is able to bid for the position.
    To maintain the bid you must complete 100 hours per year in-house training, monthly fit test, and off site training. (Anniaston Alabama, NFA, New Mexico etc.)
    To receive senior specialist promotion pay, 2 years on the team and completion of Chemistry 2, attendance of WMD Training in Anaiston Alabama.
    Our team is manned by 6 Techs, 1 Captain, 1 Engineer, 2 FF/EMTs and 2 FF/PM on the three platoon shift system. We run as a three piece company, Engine, Rescue and Haz Mat Truck.
    Hope this gives you some idea.
    P.S. Soon we will have a promotional exam to rate candidates. jack

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