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    Question cordless circular saw

    Has anyone had the chance to use the new cordless circular metal cutting saw from Milwaukee?
    The model number is 6320, it has a cutting depth of two and an eighth inches, it is 18 volt, and comes with a 48 tooth carbide metal cutting blade.
    This seems like a quicker way to cut posts, and if you do a halo cut, I believe that this would be the tool to use.

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    In March, at a Univ of X seminar held during the Seattle WA "Vision 2002" conference, a factory representative provided Bosch cordless tools for our extrication training. Their cordless circular saw was used to cut a 'V' above the hood hinge to open hoods. It also cut across the laminated windshield glass.

    The saw did not do too good cutting thick A-pillars or C-pillars. Their design did not have enough depth.

    Tool users commented that they were hindered by not being able to cut in any direction but straight ahead. Any time you curved off to one side or the other even slightly, it caused the saw blade to bind. Binding of the blade was significant with the cordless model because it caused extra loading of the motor and consumed more of the power stored in the battery.

    In addition, the blade had a wide "shoe" that is typically intended to guide across the wood being cut. In vehicle rescue, that wide shoe prevented us from being able to cut close to a tight spot.

    After the novelty wore off, we didn't used the circular saw for any serious evolutions. A recip saw is a far better purchase!
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