Hey from Texas,

We need your prayers.
Today (6-24-02 @ 0920) a bus enroute to a church camp was involved in an MVA. The reports are that the bus went off the hwy & struck a bridge support. At this time, there are 5 dead (bus driver & 4 kids). I believe a total of 35 were transported to 5-6 different hospitals.
I write this to you not only to ask for your prayers for the loss of life & all the injuries but this was a church that my station has visited before while on-duty. This is not the politically correct thing to do since we were on-duty at the time but my officer is a believer also.
Please pray for all involved with this tragic accident.
Thanks from Texas..............

Serving the REAL Chief,

Aron Saffell

Here are some links about the accident.

Metro Church - Garland: http://www.metrochurchonline.com/




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