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    Ok, Another question for all fire dispatchers..What kind of training does your center require you to have before you can work fire dispatch?? anyone that has any info I would appreciate it, I am looking into developing a new training class for our brand new fire dispatchers

    Thanks for any info
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    Thanks and Be safe

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    Arrow EMT training

    The fire department I am with is dispatched by an off site EMS comm center, they dispatch for 5 fire dept's and their own EMS medics. To become a dispatcher you must take and certify as an TX EMT-Basic and work as an intern in the comm center as you complete the course, any other training or certification (EMD, Fire experience, etc.) is at the dispatchers discretion.

    You will find a link to the comm center at this site:

    And while your at it check out our departments site:

    Hope this helps;
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    Ask me again in 3-6 months.

    Just started training. So far, I know we're required to go through a state Emergency Communications Specialist class (about 1 week), EMD (3 days), Customer Service (3 days), and First Responder (a week). Then we get CAD training on event types, the equipment, etc. Then, once they're satisfied we're good to go (3 months of classroom training), we're sent to the floor for on-the-job training with an experienced dispatcher. It'll be about 5 or 6 months before we're cut loose on our own.

    The good news? I get paid for it, at least.

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