I'm not up on new technology on the firefighting front, but isn't there anything that could be effective on the big fire in AZ? My father is there fighting it now, but I guess there's not much actually fighting going on, it's too futile, the fire is too powerful. But I was thinking, isn't there any special weaponry of sorts that may be used to defeat the beast? Homes are being lost, and last I heard the acreage lost has exceeded 300,000! Isn't there some sort of liquid nitrogen bomb or something? Or could they seed the clouds to initiate some rain, seeing as the land in AZ has endured drought for 4 years?!? Isn't there something? Money shouldn't be a problem either, I mean, the President, at this stage ought to help in that manner, or whatever manner he can. My father is a Conservation Officer in Indiana, he's been in numerous dangerous situations, even on instance in which he was forced to shoot a fugitive to save his own and his partner's lives; he's also been on numerous other wildfires, in fact, he's obtained enough experience that he's a crew chief in AZ right now. What I'm getting at is this, he's seen danger and he rarely actually has fear for his life, though he often fears for others, he said that he is actually scared of this fire! He's never been scared of a fire before! He and other of the firefighters there have described fire vortexes similar to tornadoes, fire balls shooting from the flames, ingulfing trees, and spotting fires a mile away, brush just bursting into flames! Maybe it's just my inexperience, but I feel and fear for those men out there braving the heat and flames, and I feel and fear for those residents, having lost their homes, jobs, and many of those are living with the question, "Does my home still stand? Will I be able to sleep in my bed again? Or are those memories turned to ash?"