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    Default Ready for the 4th?

    Fireworks = fires. Especially those that fly, bottle rockets etc. setting roofs afire. Kids having stuff blow up in their hands. Being that Independence Day falls in the middle of the week I think there'll be 2 weekends of this stuff.

    Everyone have a safe 4th!
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    Some parts of Florida were considering banning all fire works. Now with the rain, I am sure that is no longer true. However, I am certain that had we not received all this raind we would have had problems. Ban or no ban...I am sure they would be out there. I just hope because of the rain that people do not get careless.

    Stay Safe
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    Ahhhhhhhhhhh the wonderful 4th of July....a never ending battle of Bon Fires, dumpsters, vacant house's, tires around the hydrants and anything cumbustiable...UGH ..i hate it, lots of action for the probies but a headache for the vetrans...

    Be safe out there guys
    Watch out for the rocks and bottles from the wonderful "your our hero everyday of the year but 4th of july " neighbors

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    Can't wait. Off the whole week...I'll be kicked back on a dock in a tidal creek with one cooler full of cold ones and hopefully another cooler full of fish.

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    Not to throw water on the party... but when I read the topic as "Ready for the 4th", I thought I would be reading about "Homeland Security" issues. So, along with the usual worries about a misdirected bottle rocket, let's not forget that July 4th is a "target date" and that we all need to be extra vigilent during THE celebration of Freedom!
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    Not only is it a target date, but I work in a lovely target area. Makes you feel good at night. Any large departments out there increasing staffing or making other changes in response for the 4th?
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    We're ready for parades and a firefighter's challenge competition... I can't wait!

    Of course some people will stay back for calls, but since fireworks that explode or leave the ground are illegal in WV, we don't get calls on the 4th too often. People still buy illegal fireworks out of state, but luckily we haven't had any incidents for a couple of years.

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    Happy 4th to all. I'll be in the borough of Brooklyn from the 3rd to the 8th hope to see the brothers in action. Stay safe all.
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    Why? It's not like you're going to visit me! But I'm near Waco, Texas


    We'll have crews on standby for the night of the 4th. Since our area is county fireworks are legal and we have about 5 or so firework stands in the district. Then the next night the racetrack is having their annual firework show between races. We always go out for that and watch a good show, put out some small fires, experience some good wrecks...

    Hopefully with the rain today, it won't be all that bad.
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    I'm working for a guy July 4th night,I must be a dope.I hate working the 4th.Drunks and dopes blowing things up/off,and ****ed off neighbors calling us.

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