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    Question What's your local like?

    How often do you have union meetings? (we're every other month)

    Do you have them at your station? (we do)

    Are on shift personnel allowed to attend? (we are)

    Are probabtionary employees allowed in the union? (we don't let them in until they are off probation)

    How many people sit on your executive board? (we have four for a 20 person local)

    Just curious...

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    Brother Ferg... to answer your questions

    Local 1714 meets on the 4th Tuesday of each month with the exception of July and August.

    We have an office at Headquarters and meet in the classroom at the station.

    All on duty personnel can attend the meeting if they wish (sometimes we have to light a fire under some butts when it appears that we do not have enough members attending to have a quorum!)

    Probies are allowed to join the Local and they can attend meetings. They are made aware of their probationary status and the possibility of termination during this time (in my 20+ years, only 1 probie has been terminated...he was caught DWI and driving on a suspended license, a valid driver's license is a job requirement....and he had 6 months on the job at the time.)

    The E-board is made up of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and representative from each group for a total of 8 members.
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    Meetings are held once a month, 2 days, 1 for each unit.

    We rent a union hall for all union meetings.

    The only on duty personnel who are allowed to attend are those in the 1st alarm district of the meeting hall. Others do attend though.

    Probies may attend meetings but do not swear into the union until after their probation period.

    We have 4 Executive Board Members and 9 (1 from each batallion) and 1 from divisions on the board of directors.

    Attendence numbers are poor but the arguments are many.
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    My response would be almost identical to Capt Gonzo's except we dont meet in the stations, and on duty personel can attend if numbers allow

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    IAFF Local 2334 meets the first Wednesday of each month, save for July and August. We rent a local Knights of Columbus hall(with a full bar) and on duty personnel may attend. Probies are sworn in at the next meeting after they are hired. The union really protects the probies well (you probably have to commit murder to be fired ) The E-board is made up of President, VP, treasurer, secratary one group rep (4) and an at large rep. Turnout is usually OK 30-40 out of 103.
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    Default Our Local....

    Humboldt Firefighters IAFF Local 1770 meets once a month. We do have them at our Headquarters station, and on duty engine companies are allowed to attend. Probationary employees ARE allowed to join, but are encouraged NOT to until probation is completed. Lastly, we have a five person executive board (President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Member at Large, and Past President).

    Hope that helps.

    Humboldt Firefighters Local 1770

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    Greetings, Brothers!!!!

    Local 1426 of the IAFF meets on the 3rd thursday of the month, at Sta. 2. 2's has the most guys on duty, 8. They can all attend, and as long as the shift commander ok's it, the Rescue can relocate from 1's, as long as the Engine in that house is not out on a run. 7 E-board members, Pres., VP, Sec. and Treas., each is a 2 year term, 2 up every year, pres. and sec., then vp and treas., and 3 trustees, all are 3 year terms, 1 is up every year. Meetings are generally well attended, winter more so than summer, after meetings are over, boys like to hoist a few. Here is an interesting factoid. The town to our north, Easton, has only 4 paid men, but they are members of our local. They pay the same dues, and we provide them with representation. They are under a different contract, however. They attend meetings, and are at the social functions, as well. Retirement dinner, so on and so forth. Our union local is very strong, and we are well-respected in the community. We get along well with the current administration, and that helps alot. The previous administration, that was another story. He only lasted 1 term,2 years, and I like to think we had a lot to do with his getting tossed out on his rear end. During those diffucult times, the true brotherhood showed, because we really had to stick together. That is what being in a union is all about, in my opinion. It's easy to belong and go to meetings when all is well, it's when the crap is coming down, that's when you gotta stay together. Anyways, enough rambling on my part..........

    BTW, can I become a tillerman in the I.A.C.O.J.?
    Do thet let LT's do that job?
    I may not be that old, 34, but I'm old school, 2nd generation, 11 years in, Pops was in the job, I wear a leather helmet, all that cool traditional stuff is what I'm all about!
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    IAFF Local 416 (Indianapolis)is made up of aproximately 20 districts. Each district has a monthly meeting and then there are general meetings every three months on the third Tues. & Wed. of the month. I believe the executive board is made of the general pres., general vice pres., general sec., general treas., and a district pres. from each district. District meetings are held at various locations and the general meetings are held at our union hall in the meeting room. As for my district the on duty personnel are allowed to attend.
    If you are ever in Indy stop by and visit our Union Hall.
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    Hello brothers>

    When: Local meets every odd month on the first Wednesday of the Month @ 1830 hours.(except for July - no meetings too many on vacation). The State meetings are held randomly throughout the State on the Second Wednesday of the Odd months @ 1000 hours.

    Where: Local meetings are held at one of 2 stations depending on which Union officer is on duty at time of the meeting. With our current Chief in house oon duty personnel can attend and personnel from the other station can attend if the President requests attendance for voting purposes.

    Probationary Firefighters are not allowed to be members until they complete their 12 month probation, then they are voted in on the next scheduled meeting as first order of business.

    Our E-board is made up of President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer and three other brothers voted in from rank and file. Our union has currently a total of 30 members waiting 2 more mebrs to get off probation. The Officers have their own local with 14 members.
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