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    Question Confined Space Rescue inventory

    We are forming a "confined space/collapse" rescue team in our area to operate in conjunction with our haz mat unit. I would like some input on "equipment inventories" (lists would be great)just to make sure we aren't completely overlooking the obvious. We have hazards from 1 family houses to moderate to heavy industry with all 5 types of construction throughout the area. We are on the ground floor here so any assistance would be greatly appreciated.......

    Thanks in advance,
    Dink Heinzman
    Zanesville ,Ohio

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    Based on Zanesville's location and size I'll assume you guys are the areas big guns and will be the 1st team in to an incident.

    The first thing you need are two good four gas monitors. We have an older model MSA passport and a MSA proguard. If your the only team around then a third monitor as a backup would be nice.

    A CS vent fan is the next thing you need. While a regular smoke ejector with tubing would work. the tubing gets in the way of the enterant. A heater is also a nice option.

    At this point you've spent several thousand dollars and aren't even in the space. Bad air kills the majority of people in cs incidents so the above equipment is needed.

    As for entry equipment supplied air, harness, retrieval system, victim immobilization and retrieval equipment, PPE, (if working with HM you probably won't need your own level B) You could spend a lot or a little.

    As for collapse equipment most of it is construction equipment. Because of the cost and frequency of rescues you may want to identify sources that the equipment can be rented from, initially. FEMA has lists of equipment on their website. That should be a eventual goal, not what is needed now Ohio has a USAR team. for collapse an agreement with them may be your best resource.

    For what you absolutly need, get your team members together and set up some senarios you can walk through. Identify your most likely rescues and identify what you (1) absolutly need, (2) what would make the operation go quicker and smoother, (3) and what would be nice to have but not necessarily needed. Keep a copy of the OSHA regs with you and make sure you do everything by the book. you know your jurisdiction best.

    I hope that gets you started, good luck

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    I agree with ASDN/WFLD. You will be investing a considerable amount of money in this project. How many members have you sent to training? Once you have trained your members you will have a much better idea of the equipment you will need. You must decide just what the level of your response is going to be - a full fledged, totally independent response, or will you initiate rescue ops and reqest assistance from OHTF1 (or other nearby collapse team)? Rescue of surface victims from collapse is generally what is within the scope of local teams. Victims who are buried may require sophisiticated locating devices (fiber optic cameras and listening devices) to find them. You may then have to tunnel, breah, and shore to reach them - all require extensive training and is manpower intensive. Contacting OHTF1 will definitely be helpful to you in assessing your needs in this area.

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    I know training suggestions isn't what you wanted, but you may want to start with a high angle course. This course will give you all the basics from knots to anchors. The systems and tools used in High angle are mostly the same you will use for confined space. On monitoring, a good sampling pump and tubing are a must for C.S. monitoring. As far as lists, email and remind me and I'll send you our list.
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