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    Default holy crap!! I passed the written test?!? now what?

    Well I don't know how in the hell I passed...this was my first FF written test, I studied but not as extensively as I wanted...and, this is where it gets really interesting...I didn't complete the test! I didn't answer about 13-15 questions...and I passed.

    So now what? I am supposed to attend an Oral board...it's pass/fail, and it's one of two interviews before the next step, whatever that is...the physical testing I believe.

    Any tips are very much appreciated. I think I will be very nervous, but I am looking forward to the process. It's been nothing but testing left and right for me as I just finished my EMT training and testing. So I am a bit worn out but excited.

    Thanks in advance for any insights you all can offer.
    ...testing for FF

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    Tip 1 - goto www.eatstress.com
    Tip 2 - Read entire web site
    Tip 3 - Follow tips on Web Site to the letter.

    Congrats on the written - Best of luck as the process continues.
    Take Care - Stay Safe - God Bless

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