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    Default Volunteer companies in Long Beach California, Anaheim , Orange County Area

    I was wondering if they are any volunteer companies close to any of these areas or are they all paid. Any information would be appreciated

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    Default Vollie companies in LongBeach area

    As far as I know there are no Vollie companies, per se in the south LA county North Orange county area.

    I know for a fact that LACounty fire has an auxillary service that covers stations in the mountainous areas of the county.

    I think that the Orange County Fire Protection Service (at least I think that is what it's called now) has some type of auxillary, also.

    I spent my time running with LA County when I was a Paramedic Mobile Intensive Care Nurse many moons ago.

    We lived in Anaheim for 10 years before moving to Minnesota, and I know that was a full-time, paid department.

    My best suggestion is to Google search for LA County FD and Orange County FD and contact the powers that be.

    Be Safe and Good Luck in your pursuit.

    Jim Mc RN/C, FF/EMT

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