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    I need a little help
    I'am an officer on a volunteer department and would like to start a water rescue team. I'am looking for any info or advice you may have. We are right beside the Red River. I've seen 3 major floods and still nobody considered starting a team. I don't think I'll have a problem with people understanding the need, but my council doesn't like the word "rescue", afraid of liability for whatever reason.
    So if you could let me know what kind of equipment you use and how much it costs I would appreciate it. I have an idea what is needed,I'am a water rescue tech, but would like to see whats out there, thanks.

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    Here are the web sites to two departments in my County that have water rescue/diver teams.

    Perhaps you can email one of their officers for more information regarding their teams.

    I had the privilage of drilling with the first dept. above and it was very informative. I'd say if you want to get some basic water rescue gear, I would go with a "throw bag" for each truck. If done correctly, you can throw about 100 feet of rope to a victim. This is helpful especially in a small river rescue.

    Hope this helps and be sure to email those depts. for some more info!

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