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    Default NJ wildland firefighting ??s

    Ok maybe somebody here knows about the NJ wildland taining etc. I have a few questions. I want to get the training to be wildland certified. I was talking another FF who does wildland fire fighting part time when called during a forest fire incident. He had told me there was like 2 classes I needed to take to become certified to do this. Does anyone know what classes and where they are held and how to get in contact to register for these classes? Oh I'm down in burlington county near the pine barrens(wharton,lebanon state forests). Thanks in advance.
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    Okay, wheelshigh...contact the New Lisbon office of the NJFFS at 609 726-9010, and let them know you're interested. Division B generally runs the S-130 and S-190 courses in Feb., so ask to sign up, take the physical test, and attend the refresher each year and you'll be eligible to go out of state when the call comes. This also makes you eligible to help the FFS in the woods here at home, although you'll have to hook up with your local Section Warden to get listed on one of his in-state crews.
    Hope this helps.

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