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    Thumbs up National Fire Academy

    I just got back from the National Fire Academy. Had a great weekend. I was thinking about what a wonderful facility this was and how fortunate the fire service is to have this facility. The programs are widely varied-there is something for everybody. The facilities are top notch and the opportunity to interact with fire fighters from all over the US is unbelievable.

    I would urge all of you to attend at least one class there. You will be hooked.

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    George....you are so right.

    I have been to several classes there and with only one exception it was outstanding...(the exception related to a marginal instructor in my opinion)

    The opportunity to network and learn that perhaps we are all not as bad off as it may seem. This becomes amazingly apparent when you hear what others go through.

    The fellowship is great too.
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    I have been to the National Fire Academy for the Pa. State weekend. This is my second year going. Last year was a blast and I would imagine that this year is going to be the same or better. If I can find the time I would love to go for a two week program.

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    I also have had the opertinity to go to the NFA. It was great. I had one of the best instructors that I have had for any course. It was definetly worth the trip. There are also some courses available over the internet. You might want to check them out.

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    I attended a few courses at the Academy in the late 1970's. I consider it an honor to have been considered and accepted to this wonderful facility.

    I shall always remember....that I met Raymond Downey at the National Fire Academy......and in a few short moments, learned what leadership is all about.
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    I've been there several times for the PA Weekend also. The only problem I have is that you have to bring your own pillows.

    Not that they don't have any, it's just that the ones they have are definately government low bid.

    Being in PA it's not hard to put them in your car and bring them but I imagine it would be tough if you fly in.

    I recommend getting a bicycle from the gym and riding around the grounds. It's great exercise and scenery.

    Unfourtunatly this year's PA Weekend conflicts with the 2nd NASCAR race at Pocono (I'm on the fire crew) so I can't go to the NFA.
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