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    Question Army to Air Force, Need Advice

    I'm currently a GS-06 in the Army system. I'm Ex air force (enlisted FF) trying to get back into the AF system. I've put in for positions which are lower grade and still have been advised that I didn't rate high enough or were beat by vet points. My question is how is a current DOD GS-06 not qualified for a GS-05 position. I have now put in for a AF job that I really want and don't want to have to go through the run around that AFPC puts me through.

    To answer some questions

    I'm currently a GS-06 in Army system, trying to go AF
    I have all certs required for positions I put in for
    I have 5 point preference

    Any help you may have would be greatly appreciated, I must get back into a real system....
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    Easy anwser. you are in the army house now.... the AF does not like us.Even though your certs are signed by the same people.... they dont count in the AF. you can email me off line for more if you want to.
    Basicly once you are in the army system, the AF wount look at you any more. I guess we army FF are not worthy.

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