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    Caught the piece on the dangers of slide poles. Our facility was built in 1989 and it was designed to accomadate our turn of the century brass slide pole that served us well in our former station for nearly a century. It is 37 feet tall and we think it may be the oldest in the country. Never experienced any of the harrowing tales outlined in the piece. It's as traditional in the fire service as "puttin the wet stuff on the hot stuff". Very proud to house it and we also have a completely restored *vintage condition 1923 Ahrens Fox 1200gpm Pumper. Don't take my word for it, come and see it for yourself.
    Jerry M Mounts

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    Brass poles are a tradition, but I carry around a 7% permanent disability in my left ankle from our pole. If they are to be used they should be used with caution. Just my $.02.

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