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    Cool Long, Hot, FUN Day!

    Well, the 4th is almost over, so I figured I would hurry and get in one last "Happy 4th!"before it was too late.

    My fire dept. had a great, fun-filled day, but it was HOT! We attended a firefighter's parade and competed in a local firefighter's challenge, bucket brigade, and an awesome water battle. Doing my first challenge in 95 degrees really sucked, but it was fun. All I can say is I'm glad my team was there to hold me up and jerk my pack off when I crossed the finish line w/ the miserable dummy(Rescue Randy). And finally, after a long day, we got to sit down and enjoy some fireworks.

    Sorry, just felt the urge to share that... BTW, here's a pic...
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    Here it is 1:16 am so technically it isn't the 4th anymore, but I'll say this: Happy belated fourth to you too!!! Glad somebody had fun...LOL j/k
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    Default Re: Long, Hot, FUN Day!

    Originally posted by Co11FireGal
    All I can say is I'm glad my team was there to hold me up and jerk my pack off when I crossed the finish line w/ the miserable dummy(Rescue Randy
    Miserable dummy....yep, that's me. I worked and slept the 4th away...somebody has to, I suppose!

    Hope you had a memorable day Co11FireGal...despite the heat!
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    NJFFS_A16.....I know you...stop trying to make us think you worked. You may have worked at getting some sleep...

    I slept till 830..got up and did some things at the house and then we went bowling for "heroes day". Firefighters and police and their immediate families could bowl 2 free games. Then we went for dinner and a walk on the beach and out into the bay on a dolphin cruise and watched the fireworks. Then.....drove over 2 hours to go just 53 miles to get home...but....

    I loved it.
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    We did not get to have fireworks, way too dry. But it was still a fun day.

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