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    Agreed, I should have kept my mouth shut and NOT asked.

    I am outa here and will not be back.
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    You go onto the Paid/Career FF forums and they're discussing ff'ing tactics, union Issues, fire theories, etc. What is on the volunteer forum? Who slept with whom, how many times were they engaged, how messy was the breakup, blah, blah, blah ... and all of us volunteers sit here and wonder why we are all too often looked at as freakin' idiots by the paid ff's.

    Stay Safe
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    In response, as to why he is still in the brigade is beyond human recollection.

    I was using the term ho's as a slang, as how firefighter A makes them look; now maybe others will see it as vice versa. But, of course, he is not going to let out all of the convicting facts against him to you. So please, do not sympathize w/ firefighter A until he lets out all the FACTS!

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    While it is hard on moral, I am still at a loss as to why the actions of a non-member have resulted in the suspension of two members. Who is screwing who is what rumors are made of. If someone has proof, then deal with it publically. But if it is the product of the rumor mill, it should be ignored. The department has no control over "C", and "A" and "B" still do not appear to have done anything on-duty or using department equipment. As has been said before, this problem involves personal lives and it is difficult for a department to enforce rules on how you live your life away from the job.

    Bad situations? Yes
    Department business? Probably not
    Safety issue? Only if "C" shows up with a shotgun
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    I am in agreement with my friend NJFFS_A16. There are personal issues surfacing here and it may be time to close this one out before someone says something they will be sorry for.

    Metal Medic sums it up with the final 3 statements in his post just above mine.

    How about it Webteam..can we lock this one up?
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    We've just incurred our frist incident somewhat like those mentioned. The difference is that FF A is claiming that FF B is now stalking him since the break up. As several of our officers have recieved comments in regarding both FF's and the issues going on. Some supporting A and other B. What we did was set both down at the same time and explain that this was a personel matter between them though we expected them to conduct themselves professionally when at the station, calls or activies. If compliants from other members continue then action would be taken on both FF's.

    That was only a couple of weeks ago and so far so good.

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