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    Post From one Firefighter to Another

    From One Firefighter To Another

    Rest my brother – go back to sleep,
    the bells you here are not for you.
    So stay in bed and let us go,
    you’ve served your time, you’ve earned your keep.

    Rest my brother – you needn’t wake,
    the engine rolls without you now.
    Though in our hearts you’ll always be,
    your love for life, no blaze can take.

    Rest my brother – don’t you fret,
    your children are looked after well.
    We will protect and raise them strong,
    but their loving father, they will not forget.

    Rest my brother – you musn’t weep,
    your family is our family now.
    We’ll take them in as you would ours,
    but in their hearts your memories keep.

    Rest my brother – you shouldn’t tire,
    the sirens here no longer wail.
    But we see you there across the seat,
    each time we roll to another fire.

    Rest my brother – go back to sleep,
    all is well, all is well.
    You’ve done your time, earned your keep,
    no more tappings of the bell.

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    Jake....that says it all sir. That truly says it all.

    Thanks...I shall remember this poem.
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    Thanks for that poem... it sums it all up so well! A very worth while poem to print out and save
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