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    Default Help Needed: Catalytic Converter Caused Fires

    I need some documentation to show that fires are caused by converter-equipped vehicles travelling in high, dry grass. To me this is like documenting the obvious, but I am working with a nearby City that seems to consider offroad vehicles a nuisance, rather than a severe fire danger. They are allowing vehicles access to an open space ridge between my house and their city.

    Documentation of the necessity of breathing and eating might also be needed for these folks, but I will leave that to others.

    Thanks for your help.

    Larry Hicok

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    Don't know if you'll be able to document anything like that. Most of the calls we have of that nature are from people parking on leaves.

    Traveling at a high or low speed may not cause enough surface contact for the converter to cause such a fire. Tossed cigarettes would be a more likely cause.

    You might want to go the vehicle manufacturers' web sites, like www.gm.com and ask them if they have any information that might help you. I have found them to be very cooperative in getting air bag info so they might help you as well.

    Good luck.
    Steve Dragon
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    Default Catalytic Converters

    You should be able to get information on the temperature of the outside of a catalytic converter from the manufacturers. Ignition temperatures of dry grass should be available from your State Office of Forestry or U.S. Forest Service.

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