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    Default 911-An odd fetish

    Qualifies for the "M" word?

    GAINESVILLE, Fla. (AP) - A Florida man was charged with faking
    more than 1,100 calls to 911, tying up emergency service lines for
    two days.
    Michael A. Holmes, 20, placed the calls June 30 and Monday
    because he was bored, an Alachua County Sheriff's Office spokesman
    He was arrested Tuesday and charged with felony extortion and
    misuse of 911 emergency communications.
    "We normally have 190 cell phone calls in a 24-hour period. One
    night, he gave us over 800," said Sgt. Keith Faulk. "If something
    really bad had happened, this could have kept somebody from getting
    Sometimes Holmes would hang up, other times he would call on
    different phones at the same time and hold them together so
    dispatchers could hear each other talking, police said.
    "My first call was the subject saying, 'Help me, help me. I'm
    dying,' but it was in a really odd tone of voice - it sounded
    almost like he was laughing," said dispatcher Allison Marler.

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    What a WEIRDO!!! Yes, NJ, I do believe he meets the requirements for being the M-word.
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    We have had similar incidents, not as many calls but close.

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