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    Default Other possibilities

    Agree with many on this thread. Just some thoughts.

    1. While it's nice to think that you will always be with a partner, some times it isn't possible. I know what the book says, but to save a life sometimes you have to throw it out the window. If there is a lot at stake, risk a lot. That includes my life.

    2. I have served on interview boards before and the intent is to get the candidate to think. Sometimes the correct answer is provided by those who haven't ever served, and can think out of the box.

    3. When doing an interview, I always believed that my fire truck can fly, and pump zillions of gallons, unless the interviewers say that they can't. Just because your present apparatus doesn't have duece and a half preconnects doesn't mean that you should be limited by the present bosses lack of foresight in resources or procedures.

    Now to answer the question if ever presented with such a dilema; Fireground priority one is life safety. First me, then my partner then the civilian (who could have been intimately familiar with the ignition sequence). Therefore, assuming that the reason I only can get one because otherwise my safety would be compromised, I will call for help on my radio while attempting to rescue the other firefighter, reporting the location of the victim. I may also leave a lit flashlight at the location so that others may find the little one faster.

    Doesn't hurt that we all thought about this before the interview or the actual situation now does it?

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    'Nuff said.
    Shawn M. Cecula
    IACOJ Division of Fire and EMS

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    I have faced this question in the interview process. I choose the firefighter. I agree with the others that say, ME, MY PARTNER, THE CIVILIANS and then whatever comes next. If I were down, by all means, save the child. I will pull the firefighter out first and make a second attempt to effect the rescue of the child.


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    Now put the shoe on the other foot. What if you were the guy that was down and you had a victim (we will say a viable one) and a brother finds you from your pass device. What would you tell him???

    If I am down I expect you to grab hold of anything possible and get me the HELL out. Others expect that from me and I return the favor.

    If a firefighter doesn't go home, how many people will die in the future they may have saved, and for what? A victim that is most likely not even viable?
    This is a perfect example of the hammer hitting the nail square on the head.


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