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    Talking You Might be a probie if....

    You might be a probie if...

    You begin to think your name is 'Lookdamnit' or 'Jesus Christ'. For example "Lookdamnit, for the hundreth time put your brain bucket the right way." or "Jesus Christ, who the heck taught you how to hit a hydrant like that?"

    Everyone one refers to you as simply "HEY YOU!"

    Add your own from your probie expierence or from what you've seen of other probies. Make em' funny.
    These views are mine and mine alone.
    Ya'll be safe out there.

    Think smart and not hard, who knows it could save your life.

    Be Easy


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    Default You might be a probie if..

    You actually look for the hose stretcher on the engine.
    Chris Minick, P.E., Firefighter II
    Structures Specialist, MD-TF 1

    These statements are mine and mine alone
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    You might be a probie if you're still looking for that left handed spanner wrench.
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    Haven't lost a foundation yet

    Talking Where is it...

    You know, I still haven't found that darn water hammer yet.
    Member I.A.C.O.J.

    "Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear."
    -Ambrose Redmoon

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    Talking You Know When...

    You ask someone to make a doughnut roll and they tell
    you that they don't bake!
    Stay Safe Out There!!!!!!

    "Just remember. No matter where you go. There you are!"

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    Your first call comes in. You take the officer's seat on the rig and tell the Captain that he'll have to sit in the back, because you got there first!

    (This probie was last seen laying on the floor of the apparatus bay as the rig left without him.)

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    You ask the Question: What do you do if your at a fire and you have to use the washroom? And the seniors advise you that you simply fill your boots, They'll dry!

    You get to use the steel SCBA tanks.

    You learn exactly how many gallons of water you gear will hold with a duce and a half up your pant leg and how much pressure it takes B-4 your lid blows off.

    You learn that a K2 will not start after pulling your guts out, with out the spark plug installed, regardless of how loud the chief yells at you to start it.

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    You have at least one of every kind of FF tshirt and cap that Galls has to offer.

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    You might be a probie if....

    You find a short lease attached to your neck and a rolled up newspaper in the bosses seat.

    This is a pup in training. Short lease and newspaper in bunkerpants pocket.
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    Cool From years ago

    Your first name seems to be(GOFFER)according to the battalion Chief!
    Stay Safe Out There!!!

    "Just remember. No matter where you go. There you are!"

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    Your always in the right spot when the pump operator accidentally pulls the valve for the deck gun.
    "I truly believe that tradition is important to the long-term survival of the fire service."-Lt. Andrew Fredricks, FDNY,9-11-01

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    If you can't catch forty winks on the way back from a run, you may be a probie.

    If everyone is talking about the fire you were just at and you don't remember anything they say happened, you may be a probie.

    If your feet blister from wearing wet boots for 15 hours, you may be a probie.

    If people shade their eyes from the glare on your helmet, you may be a probie.

    If you're cleaning out your drawers while the brothers are cleaning up the tools, you may be a probie.

    If you call the Lieutenant "SIR", you may be a probie.

    If you can't seem to walk into the firehouse and stay dry for 5 minutes, you may be a probie.

    If a 30 minute SCBA lasts you 30 seconds, you may be a probie.

    If none of the above make any sense to you, you're a probie.

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    Why? It's not like you're going to visit me! But I'm near Waco, Texas


    If you are asked to check the blinker fluid on the engine...

    If you are asked to check the spark plugs on a diesel engine...

    If you are asked to look under the engine for the dump valve....

    If you pull up your bunker pants and there are panties on the outside of them...
    NREMT-P\ Reserve Volunteer Firefighter\Reserve Police Officer
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    Experts built the Titanic, amateurs built the Ark.

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    You actually think that "pearl diver" is a riding assignment.

    I never did find the sky hook either BGFD.

    Your the only one that says "yesss!!!" when a call comes in.

    You hang out at the station on every off day.

    The words, "I always thought..." come out of your mouth.

    You spend all of your uniform allowance...on uniforms.

    You jump out of the chair when the Captain says, " I need someone to.." or your the only one being looked at when the Captain says "I need someone to..."

    You know your not a probie when you can be the OVM!!

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    You might be a probie

    When you ask the chief where the application for the deck gun operators job is?

    When you ask how do we clean the hose after a fire ? Ans. soap brush and you

    When they tell you that its your job to cook for the shift and they tell you they want steak and shrimp and pay for it also. $120 later they ask for desert

    Poor little guy never saw it coming
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    Mike IAFF

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    You might be a probie if:

    You actually buy "square" ice cream (the exception to this being Breyers)
    You drive right by a bakery on your way to the house and bring in day old Safeway donuts anyway
    You actually volunteered when a medic mentioned he needed some crike practice
    You've tried melting your faceshield with a propane plumber's torch (true story)
    Your gloves are still soft enough to allow any form of dexterity

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    Loco madidus effercio in rutilus effercio.


    You might be a Probie if you ask what side the pump panel is on, even after you fell out of the Jump Seat and didn't see the panel on the way to the ground.
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    You might be a probie....if you don't think.

    Or...then again..........You might not be a firefighter at all.

    Proudly serving as the IACOJ Minister of Information & Propoganda!
    Be Safe! Lookouts-Awareness-Communications-Escape Routes-Safety Zones

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    you might be a probie.....

    if your gear is still a BRIGHT color

    if you carry more accessories then everyone eles in the department combined
    The words on my post are my thoughts, my thoughts have nothing to do with the department in which I volunteer, and other organizations I work

    i do it all for the money, yup i make the big bucks!!!!
    cobb island VOLUNTEER fire department and ems CO 6
    whidbey island VOLUNTEER fire department and ems station 25

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    you might be a probie if.....

    - your still looking for that freegin canuter valve
    - there seems to be a different sort cullinary art in your boots
    each run
    - you try to get on a truck with half your gear on b/c you think
    its "the cool thing to do"
    - the training officer tells you to "run start" the K-12 when it
    doesn't start
    - you come to a call to find your gear cordened off with caution
    - if the answer to all your questions starts with "NO YOU MORAN!"
    - if yo still think you can't make the first out truck without a
    blue light
    - when you take so long to charge the hydrant the tips guy leaves
    it layin on the ground to run back and do it for you
    - when your gettin yelled at to do something on the way to a call
    and you didn't hear your assignment because the reflection of
    the red lights on stuff mesmerized you
    - you put a blinkin light on your bike to warn pedestrians that
    you are going to a call
    be safe and have fun!
    Matt G. Warminster Fire Dept. Station 90
    IAFF Local F-106

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