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    Default Company Level Inspection Forms

    I am in the process of re-working our Company Level Inspection form and I don't believe in re-inventing the wheel. If your department is performing Company Inspections please send me a copy of your inspection form along with any pro's or con's that may be associated with your program.

    I am struggling with the subject of to many company inspections and not enough time to perform them. I am looking at ways to prioritize our inspections, re-directing our efforts toward high hazard occupancies only and removing the mom and pop occupancies off the inspection list. If your department has been faced with this problem please e-mail me and let me know how you handled it. Thanks

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    I have been involved with three different departments over my career and each one had been dealing with this particular topic differently. As you might imagine; one did it the old traditional way by visiting them all, and the other two did it via rotation (totally at random). The problem with them all is what do you do in the interim?

    Here is a suggestion; 1. Create a catagorized database of inspections (based on risk & type - industrial, retail, restaurant, high occupancy public... and high or low, hint-don't use medium because everything works out that way). 2. On all high risk do the regular series of inspections, if they have a fire brigade then you may wish to have their brigade do spot interim checks with your ongoing followup; low risk rotate inspections with the interim being covered by self-assessments questionnaires. For those who have been repeat offenders, or problems, or have not complied with self-assessments go out and do the leg work. I have also dealt with contract inspectors but I honestly have a problem with their work (after all the more they do the more they make so how complete can the work be when they are doing volume business?).

    Hope this might give you some ideas.

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