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    Post Reading,Pa. & surrounding area work

    These fires occurred in and around Reading.
    ----061902: At 1311 hours box 74,Schuylkill ave. & W.Greenwich st.,AOF 439 W. Greenwich street. 3 story E.O.R. occupied dwelling with heavy fire showing 1st floor rear. Under control time was 1329 hours. Companies assigned: E11,3,9,L1,Sn1,R1,M-2,C-5 & 7,E5(safety Co.)
    ----062102: At 1337 hours box 51,6th & Douglass streets,AOF 832 Church street. 2 story M.O.R. occupied dwelling,heavy fire showing 2nd floor. Under control time was 1355 hours. Companies assigned: E11,9,3,L2,R2,M-1,C-1 & 7,E1(safety Co.)
    ----062202: At 0430 hours box 25,Perkiomen ave. & Franklin st.,AOF 1200 block Weimer street. Heavy fire showing from a 1 story 5 bay garage with autos inside. Fire brought under control at 0458 hours. Companies assigned: E1,13,3,Sn1,L1,R1,M-3,C-3 & 6,E5(safety Co.)
    ----062302: At 1016 hours, engine company dispatched to rear of 737 N. 8th street for brush. Engine arrived and reported large pile of rubbish and brush had extended to a 3 story M.O.R. dwelling,requested the box to be filled. At 1019 hours box 621,9th & Oley streets transmitted. Fire brought under control at 1032 with minor extension to 1st and 2nd floors of dwelling. Companies assigned on still: E9,C-9. Box 621: E1,11,L2,Sn1,R1,M-2,C-2,E13(safety Co.)
    ----same date: At 1546 hours box 42,10th & Walnut streets, AOF 1012 Saul's Court. 2 story vacant M.O.R dwelling,fire in the basement. Fire under control at 1607 hours. Companies assigned: E1,13,3,Sn1,L1,R1,M-2,C-4 & 9,E9(safety Co.)
    ----same date,same building: At 1958 hours box 42,10th & Walnut streets AOF 1012 Saul's Court. 2 story vacant M.O.R. dwelling,fire on 1st floor this time. Under control time was 2008. Both fires ruled arson. Companies assigned: E1,13,3,Sn1,L1,R1,M-2,C-4 & 7,E9(safety Co.)
    ----063002: At 2345 hours box 47,10th & Green streets, AOF 1029 Buttonwood street. 2&1/2 story stand alone vacant multiple dwelling, heavy fire showing 2nd floor,attic and through the roof. Under control time was 0105 hours. Companies assigned: E1,9,13,L3,Sn1,R1,M-3,C-9,E3(safety Co.)
    ----070202: ***Mutual aid brush fire**** At 1425 hours,still alarm dispatched for brush fire on limited access highway 422 WB near the city line. Companies arrived to find 6 sizeable and seperate fires burning along the WB lanes. Additional engine and county companies special called at 1430 with fire under control at 1450 hours. Companies assigned on still : E14,5,C-1. Special call: E3,County companies 2,69, & 70
    ----same date: At 1759 hours box 427,8th & Walnut streets,AOF 120 N. 8th street. 3 story occupied M.O.R. multiple dwelling,fire in 2nd floor apartment. Under control time was 1813 hours. Companies assigned: E1,3,13,Sn1,L1,R1,M-1, C-5 & 6,E5(safety Co.)
    ----070302: ***Mutual aide high dollar loss fire*****: At 0945 hours, engine company dispatched for reported brush fire in the 2100 block of Centre Avenue at the city line. Simultaneously county companies dispatched to 2300 block of N. 5th street at the city line for an automobile fire. E11 arrived in a field between both locations along Highway 12 to find fire in an electrical generator inside of an 8x40 tractor-drawn cargo container. R1 special called for thermal imager at 1000 with fire brought under control by city and county units at 1150 hours. Companies assigned: E11,C-2 & 5,County companies 10,11,13,M-561. Special call: R1,City canteen unit. Damage estimated at $300,000+.
    ----070402: At 1644 hours box 354,5th & Woodward streets, AOF 500 block Woodward street. Companies arrived to find fire involving a large area of stacked wooden pallets and brush. Fire brought under control at 1701 hours. Companies assigned: E1,11,9,L3,Sn1,M-3,C-2,E5(safety Co.). Location was site of similar but smaller still alarm fire @ 0200 this date.
    ----same date: At 1748 hours box 45,11th & Elm streets,AOF rear of 329 Mulberry street. Fire in 1 story garage, under control at 1805 hours. Companies assigned: E1,13,9,Sn1,L3,R1,M-3,C-4 & 7,E5(safety Co.)
    -----070602: ****Mutual aid 2-alarm High Rise fire**** At 1904 hours county companies dispatched to 568 Reading Avenue @ Berkshire Village Apartments in West Reading Boro. Companies arrived to find fire showing 2nd floor of a 7 story 100x100 occupied multiple dwelling. 2nd alarm with special call for city truck company at 1920 hours with fire brought under control by City and County units at 2025 hours. 1 occupant of apartment treated on scene for minor burns and smoke inhalation. Companies assigned: 64,69,79,R.I.T.: Co65. 2nd alarm and special call: Co's 55,67,51,City L1,C-4 & Canteen unit 200
    ----070802: At 0556 hours box 76,Front & Buttonwood streets,AOF 400 block N. Front. Companies arrived to find 3 stolen autos crashed into each other and burning against a 1 story 20x20 garage. Fire under control at 0606 hours. Companies assigned: E3,11,1,L1,Sn1,R1,M-1,C-5,E5(safety Co.)
    ----070902: At 0640 hours box 65,11th & Oley streets,AOF 631 Mulberry street. Companies arrived to find three(3),2 story vacant M.O.R. frame dwellings fully involved and spreading via common voids to dwellings at exposures 2a,4a, & 4b. (1 a 2 story frame occupied,the other 2 are 2&1/2 story occupied brick,all attached). 2nd alarm struck at 0649, followed by the 3rd alarm at 0705 hours. Fire brought under control at 0923 hours, with additional units special called for relief and fireground duty during demolition. Fire involved 627 through 637 Mulberry street,with original fire buildings vacant from accidental 2-alarm fire last month. Companies assigned on 1st: E9,1,13,L3,L2,R1,M-2,C-5,E11(safety Co.). 2nd alarm: E3,5,L1,C-1,4 & 6. 3rd alarm: E14,12,M-1,C-2,9 & 600(Chief of E.M.S.). Special calls: E2,8,R2
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