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    Smile devoted fireman's wife says thank you

    I would like to introduce myself, and say thank you to all the fire fighters, structural and wildland
    My name is Tami, I am engaged to John "Doc" Brown. I have fought fires 10 years ago, and have a goal to go back out next year after back surgery this year. John has been fighting fires (structural and Wildland) since high school and Has been a CrewBoss for several years now, and also volunteers at our local fire dept. when he is not out on fires. We met in 1999, and plan on getting married during winter months of 2003-2004.
    He has been out for a couple of months now this year, at colorado mostly, and I miss him terribly. But I am so proud of him,and his crew. Most of the guys consider me "mom" since i do most of the dispatching for our private contracting company. I look out for "my boys" to the best of my ability.
    I really wanted to say thank you to all of our fire fighters across the USA for the hard work, sweat, blood, and tears they give to save, and protect our lives, property and families. I also want to give a word of thanks to the other wives (and sig. others) of these hard working guys (and gals!). I know alot of our own fire fighters would not be able to handle the stress, and mental torment they suffer when things dont go the way they should, if it weren't for their other halves cheering them on. And being there for them when they get home.

    !!!!!!!!THANK YOU TO EVERY AMERICAN HERO !!!!!!!!!!

    from a very devoted and fire fightin lovin wife!

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    Thumbs up That's SO nice of you...God Bless!

    Thanks Tami! We don't hear a heck of a lot from wives...and it's nice of you to take the time. It brought "smiles" all around!
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    Exclamation Welcome

    Like my good friend from New Jersey says...thanks very much and welcome to the forums....

    Perhaps you can add some stability to this crazy bunch. Heaven knows we all need it....right NJFFS_A16? Hey NJ....empty your mailbox or shoot me an email so we can correspond!
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    Thank you for the compliments... You never get enough... mostly hear all the criticisms from the public and even some of the other wives..

    Good luck in your up coming back surgery and wish you a speedy recovery...

    Word of advice - leave the pagers at home during your wedding or the fire fighters will set them off just to get a reaction... We did it several times to some of our people and it was done to me...

    An a big hearty welcome to the forums...


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