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    Default Need good fund raising ideas

    Anyone have any good fund raising ideas besides the usual bbq, raffel or bingo night? Thanks
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    Howzabout a good ole fashon boot drive ??

    We did this for the first time last weekend and netted about 3 G's in about 6 hours.

    You mentioned the "usual BBQ", what about the same ole supper with a different food ? (Talk to your local stores about donating the supplies)

    My Rescue Squad usaully does pretty good with spagetti suppers, we're also considering having a "Chili Day in July" (or maybe August)

    Also have used a fund raising group that does photographs. (They do all the telemarketing before hand, shoot the pictures, interact with the customers, etc. - all you have to do is make sure you have someone available to let them into your building).

    Then there's always the mail out or the door to door approach.

    Good Luck with whatever you try.
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    Those you mentioned are some of the big fund raisers... Others that ND2 mention are also good.. It also depends how much money you are willing to spend to make money. Most of volunteer departments in Pennsylvania where I lived put on an annual carnival (fair or festival) it last any were from 3 days to 8 days. It consists of rides, food, games of chance, music (free of charge to the public the department pay the band to play), and parades, others consist of having an open house/fund drive. Our department also mails out years to everyone in our coverage age funding raising letters asking for donations...

    Find out what people like in your area and go on from there. It may cost your department some money at first but you may make lots more than you spend..

    Good luck in what ever your departments decides to do...

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    Talking Calendars

    Have you thought of doing a Fire Department Calendar?

    Despite conventional thought, it doesn't have to be full of gorgeous men and women. (I know our vollie dept is anything but.) It can have pictures of the department members (group or single), aparatus that you have, the history behind the department, photos of community events that you may sponsor, take part in, or hold. (great for marketing upcomming dances and hose comps', BBQ's, etc. then people know way ahead of time whats going on - but that means you will have to as well).

    Make use of all the trining pictures you may have (especially the live burns - people really like those for some reason).

    Have a list of items that you would like to include for backup - like fire safety week. You could also include fire safety tips for each season (winter driving, -xmas- safety, summer BBQ & fire safety. etc)

    Damn, it's like I have done this before. (I hav'nt) I think I just talked myself into it .

    Anyways, have fun, and make sure to include your community in it.
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    We arein the process of coming up with a commemerative patch and t-shirt set that we will be selling at the wet down for our new engine. These will be greatly different then our regular company shirts and patches so there is no chance for them being confused with the real thing. We have had several pre-orders for them from our membership and their families, so we are starting to show a profit just on pre-orders. This is just an idea. Take care and stay safe!
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    Try a Hoagie Sale.

    Hoagies, Subs, Grinders Heros what ever they are called in your locale. Go to your local Deli or sandwich shop here are the specs

    6" italian roll
    Meat, try Ham Salami and cheese, or whatever is the local favorite
    No dressing or mayo
    Buy for $1.00 sell for $2.00
    Stand out at busy intersection with traffic lights go to town

    Our fire company will sell 700 in a matter of hours

    Tips: Drive your trucks through neighborhoods people will come out.
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    We have "turkey shoots". It involves (no, not turkeys being shot) shooting at a still target at a pre-determined distance. We shoot 12 gauge shotguns (provided by the shooter) to shoot at a 5" square target at a range of 27 yards. The winner chooses what to shoot for and signs up for that round. We have prizes that range from frozen turkeys, hams, cases of sausage, slabs of bacon, and, the local favorite, a 50/50 money round where we get half the sign up money for that round and the winner gets the other half. We get a very good return on our investment. Of course, it's probably better in rural areas where there are hunters.

    I also hope that somebody reads this that has never heard of a turkey shoot.

    Another lifetime volunteer proud to serve my community.

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