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    I am looking for SOP's/SOG's or any information on your departmental actions regarding response to automatic fire alarms. After you have investigated and determine there is no fire, do you - Reset alarm? Silence audible alarms and leave system in alarm for the owner/occupant to reset? If you do not reset alarm what action do you take to notify owner/occupants? etc., etc.,..... Thanks for any help!

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    In My Department/State (career) When we respond to an alarm that turns out to be false in many cases I honestlt believe many of the members are not really too sure how to deal with them properly, and often neither do the super's or owners.
    Typically if I am In charge of the company, I will attempt to reset the alarm (as set forth with our Sop's) and If the system resets all is good...~ if for some reason The system does NOT reset, or presents a or multiple "troubles"or several "zones" in trouble, we will Take a look at he zone or zones to purhaps determine an Obvious cause such as detectors vandilized, etc.
    (other Obvious problems), and again make an attempt...
    if worst case senerio , zones are left in trouble, and the owner is unable to be contacted, alarm company is useless, but other zones are operational, the system is left as is with calls into.
    1) notify your Comm Center
    2) the owner 3) alarm company to get a tech out to the location ASAP
    Correct me if wrong, but your state laws may require a firewatch if the building is a residential occupancy, either way there is a large liability should you reset or place in trouble an alarm that proves later to have activated or transversly was unable to properly activate in event of a fire, and causes a death or injury...
    You should contact your state fire marshals ofice i that regard..... touchy situation

    personally I dont mind the large systems I hate the smaller single residence ADT type setups.. If the owner isnt home how do you reset it?> lol

    (since 1976 and career since 1989)

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    When we get dispached to an alarm system, first we verify that there is no fire, then we try to reset the alarm. If the alarm won't reset, we'll notify FCC with a phone number to contact the owner(if it's a business and especially if it's a waterflow alarm) or tell the occupant to call their landlord. We never disable the alarm system. Funny that this subject is brought up. Yesterday we got dispached to a residential alarm system. Strangest thing happened. We go inside and the occupant tells us that her electric water heater had a leak. We see a small puddle on the floor, but wouldn't you know it that the water seeped into the ceiling and right into the hard-wired smoke detector and triggered the alarm to go off. It actually was dripping only from the detector, not anywhere else. What's that a million to one odds? Hehe.
    Take care!

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