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Thread: turnout gear

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    Default turnout gear

    My department is researching new gear to be purchased within the next month. I was wondering waht kind of gear you guys liked the best, and waht kind of gear seems to be durable. The big 3 that we were looking at from a cost stand point where Globe, Cairns, and Chieftain. I would appreciate it if you guys could educate me on the topic so I can help the chief make an informed decision.

    So which is the best and why?


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    I have a personal preference for Viking and Bristol gear.

    I know they are pricier than most other gear out there but they are of signicantly less weight. Part of the problem with much of the gear we wear is that it is heavy. I have found Globe to be pretty heavy and bulky. I have worn Bristol and Viking gear and they are both goo, in my personal opinion. They both allow for us to breathe and let off a lot of our built up heat. This is providing they have a good vapor barrier, I again prefer the Basofil - it seams to breathe easier than most. Since about half of firefighter fatalities are from a cardiac nature every year this is important. We are killing ourselves with this equipment we wear and we need to compensate for every bit of danger we get ourselves into.

    The Viking is a little less expesive than the Brisol. The Viking barrier does not separate from the outer shell, but the stitching seems are reinforced better on the knee / elbow pads and they have a few more standard features (Radio pouches, pockets, flashlight holders, etc....,).

    Cost is not the only factor to be taken into consideration of bunker gear though. I know when you work for a municipality that is much easier said than done though.

    Don't forget to round out the gear with the appropriate leather trimming.
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    The top 4 are:

    #1 Janesville/Lion Apparel
    #2 Globe
    #3 Morning Pride
    #4 Quaker Safety

    Look at them all. Remember that they all must meet NFPA 1971, 2000 Edition. So the bottom line is this:
    Buy gear that will give you the best TPP and THL and that is comfortable, reliable, durable and economically feasible. $$$ Are definitely a concern, but I think if you do some research you will find gear that is all the above and does not cost you an arm and leg. Some of the smaller manufacturers can sell you gear that provides the same protection for as much as $250.00 less/set depending on options.

    The biggest company is not always the best. Some have gimmicks that make you think you are getting something you are not. Do your homework...don't be fooled. I have learned a lot in this business
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    Default Turnout Gear

    Well if cost is a issue as it is with us then I recommend that you contact fireequipment.com gert their phone # (sorry I lost it) and talk with Rayn in equipment sales. They did have complete sets of gear(coat,pants w/suspenders,helmet,boots,gloves and a gear bag) all for about $800. The gear is made by Securetex. I personally like the stuff and it has held up through alot of beatings.

    Hope this works out for u.

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    Default Globe

    My dep. uses Globes "GX-7" line currently and they seem to be pretty darn good, it is also much lighter than what they had before(and what we got now!). Us explorers use old globe stuff that i scavenged it is heavier and old but it is still in good condition with out much maitnence at all (when i was looking around i saw some Lion apperal that was the same age and pretty sad looking!) and at a dep. near Boston they have Morning Pride and they said it doesnt hold up well after 5 years of use ,also a friend of mine traded in his old globe stuff for ,new stuff at a reduced cost becuase he had a trade-ins that were in ok shape.

    Globes # 603 435 8323
    Bergan fire # 603 435 6962( i think this is there sales dep.)
    Hope these numbers help
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    Tryed a set of top line Securitex,beat out after 5 yrs.of moderate use.Would DEFINATELY not be my first choice.I've currently got a set of Globe GX7 Millenia with the best liner and vapor barrier available.This gear is VERY comfortable and breathable and so far seems to be holding up well under severe use.The cut and mobility of the system is good also,it "hangs" well.T.C.

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    I agree that Securetex is not very durable. I wore a set out in 3 years after only about a dozen structure fires and it wasn't from a lack of cleaning, etc. I had a set from Lion that I liked although I didn't get to put them through anything major during the short time I had them.

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    Put me in the NO section regarding Securetex. It's bulky,and doesn't hold up to even moderate fire duty. I'm an engineer...so I don't fight fire that often, and my Securetex gear is totally shot after 3 years.

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    When looking at gear, look at the materials, no just the make. Fabric is all made by the same fabric mills and used by all the manufacturers. Compare your outer fabric, thermal liners and vapor barriers, then when you have a mix you like shop that mix between brands by the cut, seams, features, ie bib, low rise, sleeve cuff etc.
    We had gone to PBI when it came out, but are now displeased by its apparent lack of life span. It is very sensative to UV light, seems to shrink some over time, and dosent seem to hold its strength. 20 year old 7.5 oz. nomex is holding up better than 3 yr old PBI. Now we are trying the Millenia fabric. Better UV resistance, better abrasion resistance, about the same high temp resistance. We use Globe, and have been pleased with thier choice of options, closures etc, but very put off by the length of time to recieve an order of custom gear. If you can have your specs match a stock item or large customer spec, ie FDNY, or a state bid spec you can cut down on the time to recieve an order, as they will have precut sets on hand, only having to add the options such as hooks or a radio pocket. Good luck.
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    Default Mixed Reviews

    Dear Info Seeker!

    It seems that their are a host of opinions on this site when it comes to turnouts. I strongly recommend that you research carefully, and establish which "system" best meets with your requirements. Furthermore, keep in mind that consulative services and factual information is critical in you making the right decision. Although personal comments on this web-site are opinions, I would strongly encourage you to obtain many more true to life scenarios of performance before you make a decision. I hope you find the right people to steer you in the right direction.

    Remember, what appears to be good to one, may not necessarily be the right product to another.

    The following parameters must be looked at, and remember, there are always trade-offs. They are as follows.

    Comfort, protection, mobility, weight, breathability, wicking, durability, water-shedding, ice-shedding, cleanability, UV resistance,
    ease of repair,etc etc.

    Shall I continue!!

    Good Luck.

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    For quality and endurance go Globe GX7 or Cairns.

    Material: Value for your money = Advance outer shell, RT7100 moister barrier, aralite thermal liner.

    Even Better: Advance outer shell, Crosstech moister barrier, caldura thermal liner.

    One of the best: PBI outer shell, Crosstech moister barrier, caldura SL liner.

    If you are going to be looking at Cairns they have a nice thermal liner the Fireflite II

    We have been suits from this manufacturer for years at the school I am teaching at and they cant be beat.

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    Don't run out and buy anything before you do your research. Call the manufactures. Look at the materials. Check prices. Becareful with what you spec. and make sure you get what you need in gear. Cheaper is not better but the most expensive may be more than you need.
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    We got securetex and nomex last order. Securtex is now officaly at the bottom of my want list. I have had complaints about the nomex carrot suit although they seem to be holding up. I am ordering again for an oct hire. The thing i wished I had known before the last order was make the salesman or the manufacturer come and do the measure . It puts the liability of the stuff being too tight on them. It aint supposed to fit like jeans and a T-shirt. You will need a little space.

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