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    Question Hale M.I.V. valves vs. piston intake valves

    What does your department use? Looking for input on switching to the Hale MIV's for a new pumper for the main side pump intakes. We currently have some piston valve's on the PS of some of our trucks. We have all top mount pumps and are currently getting more hydrants in our township. Let me know good, bad, would you switch back to the other. Thanks.

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    With the delivery of 2 new pumpers in Sept. the department will have 7 pumpers with the Hale MIV intake valves. The first pumpers to be equiped with the Hale valves were placed in service in 1996. Both the main and front suction valves are equiped. We have not experienced any operational problems with any of the valves,have had some problems with the indicator lights on some of the earlier valves. The members like the fact that nothing interferes with the running boards. All of the valves are equiped with manual overrides. Think you will like them,but good luck in your decision either way.

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    Check out TFT's rebuild of the Jaffery Valves.

    The web site doesn't do it justice but here it is:


    Call a local rep and get one to try.

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    It quite possibly gets down to price. You can buy almost 10 intake valves for the price of a MIV whether it is a Hale, Waterous or Darley.

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    Have M.I.V. on new pumper and like it very much. Makes for a clean pump panel area. Reasons that we went to M.I.V.
    1. Not all piston valves can flow need gpm
    2. Removal of piston valves to draft
    3. Difficult to adjust relief valve on most piston valves.
    4. Corrosion of piston valves.
    Some new piston valves over come some of these problems but increase cost do to noncorrosive materials made us go with M.I.V.

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