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    I've noticed that about 99.9% of suspicious activity has a legitimate (although sometimes a little weird) explanation.

    However, on the chance that this might fall into the other .1%, you did the right thing by calling the local P.D.; it is, in fact their job to respond to such calls and check them out.

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    The problem we have over here in Oz is that we haven't really been affected by a "terrrorist" incident, or not to the scale and magnitude that alot of you guys have been, so unfortunately, in a lot of cases if we were to call something like this in to the Police, it'd probably be anywhere upto an hour or more, dependant on time of day/night before they would attend.

    That's if they attended at all...

    Our Police Force is severely under staffed, so these types of calls would tend to be put in as a lower priority.

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    We Had Someone Here Casing A Place Out Too.You'd Look At Them And He'd Look Away.Another Time,Just Before July 4.Someone Reported Hearing People Talking About A Terrorist Attack On Las Vegas On "The Day Of Freedom" Which Would Be July 4.Just Gotta Be Careful These Days.It's Really Sad If You Ask Me
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