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Monday, July 15, 2002

· STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: STLFD - Overturned vehicle with people trapped at 3748 Blow x Eugene. PUMPERS: 19, 23, RESCUE SQUAD 1, BC804. [STL810]. 5:23a.m.

· HACKENSACK (BERGEN Co.), NJ: (05:00hrs) 2nd Alarm on Kaplan Ave. Fire in a 2.5-story frame dwelling. 1 Firefighter transported with burns to neck. [EAN100]. 7:04a.m.

· SPEEDWAY, IN: 2177 Fair Oaks. Working Apartment fire. M/A Indianapolis Engine 33, TSU18, SPD-FG1. [INDY-12]. 7:56a.m.

· INDIANAPOLIS, IN: 6000 Windsor Dr. Apartment fire. OPS-2. [INDY-12]. 8:35a.m.

· Working fire - HARTFORD, CT: 43 Cleveland Ave. Heavy fire showing from a 1-story wood frame. *154.310/800* CT19/CT80 [TAC9-C461]. 9:27a.m.

· CAMBRIDGE, MA: Explosion - Box 169 at 320 Bent Street. Reported major explosion in a 5-story building. Collapse of floor #4. At least (1) serious burn victim. No fire condition. *154.355/800* [TAC9-C461]. 10:39a.m.

· 2nd Alarm - CAMBRIDGE, MA: Explosion with collapse - Box 169 at 320 Bent Street. Reported major explosion in a 5-story building. At least (1) serious burn victim and reports of missing people. No fire condition. *800* [TAC9-C461]. 10:56a.m.

· Update - CAMBRIDGE, MA: 2nd Alarm Explosion with collapse - Box 169 at 320 Bent Street. Searches ongoing. Request for Hazmat/Technical Rescue. Collapse zone set up. Request for a "no fly zone" over incident. C105 [TAC9-C461]. 11:03a.m.

· HAMPTON, NH: Working fire - Box 163 at 90 Island Path. Co.'s report 1-story wood frame structure - Fully involved on arrival. *154.145* C101 [TAC9-C422]. 11:22a.m.

· Update - CAMBRIDGE, MA: 2nd Alarm explosion with collapse - Box 169 at 320 Bent Street. New building under construction. Everyone accounted for. (1) 10-45 Code 2 transported. [TAC9-C461]. 11:32a.m.

· STLFN: ST. LOUIS Co., MO: Blackjack FPD is working a serious incident at River Oaks Rd & River Oaks Ct. Special call for Arch Helicopter for a newborn baby. [STL810]. 11:34a.m.

· TAUNTON, MA: Working fire at 13 Pratt Street. Companies report a house, garage and boat on fire. Request for EMS to stage. *453.700* C302/C227/C06 [TAC9-C461]. 11:59a.m.

· 2nd Alarm – FALLSBOURG (SULLIVAN Co.), NY: Beverly Garden Apartments Building #14 on Rt. 42. Structure fire. [MNS119/154*]. 12:42p.m.

· STLFN: BRENTWOOD (ST. LOUIS Co.), MO: Brentwood FD has a **2nd Alarm** on arrival for a structure fire at the Brentwood High School- 2221 High School Dr. Reports of fire on the 2nd floor. [STL810]. 1:11p.m.

· STLFN: BENTWOOD (ST. LOUIS Co.), MO: Update - Brentwood FD’s *2nd Alarm* fire at the Brentwood High School at 2221 High School Dr: Confirmed fire on the 2nd floor. Co.'s reporting to the rear of the building. At least one line off. Move-ups will be made. [STL810]. 1:17p.m.

· STLFN: BRENTWOOD (ST. LOUIS Co.), MO: Brentwood FD is striking a **3rd Alarm** for the fire at the Brentwood High School, 2221 High School Dr: Fire on the 2nd floor. Move-ups being made. *Canteen service requested* [STL810]. 1:19p.m.

· STLFN: BRENTWOOD (ST. LOUIS Co.), MO: Update - Brentwood FD’s 3rd Alarm fire at Brentwood Jr. & Sr. High, 2221 High School Dr. x White: Special Call for Metro-West Squad 3316 & the County Air-Team to respond. Canteen requested. [STL810]. 1:34p.m.

· STLFN: BRENTWOOD (ST. LOUIS Co.), MO: Update - BRENTWOOD FD’s 3rd Alarm fire at Brentwood Jr. & Sr. High, 2221 High School Dr. x White: Special Call for an extra Ambulance for Rehab. STLFD Deputy Chief 810 will be responding. [STL810]. 1:36p.m.

· STLFN: BRENTWOOD (ST. LOUIS Co.), MO: Brentwood FD - Now a **4th Alarm** for the fire at Brentwood Jr. & Sr. High, 2221 High School Dr x White: Salvation Army & Red Cross Canteens will be assisting with Firefighter Rehab. [STL810]. 1:46p.m.

· NEW ORLEANS, LA: *2nd Alarm* World Trade Center at the foot of Canal St. Fire on the top floor (30th). Roof deck material from roofers working. [NOLA]. 2:24p.m.

· STLFN: BRENTWOOD (ST. LOUIS Co.), MO: Update - Brentwood FD’s 4th Alarm fire at Brentwood Jr./Sr. High School: Chief 4100 will be releasing some Companies shortly. Appears fire is under control. NFI/ATT. [STL810]. 2:49p.m.

· BROCKTON, MA: All Companies working - 116 Richmond St. Smoke showing. *154.310* C302 [TAC9-C33]. 3:00p.m.

· Update – BROCKTON, MA: All Companies working at 116 Richmond St. Basement fire in (1)-story wood frame structure - now PWH. *154.310* C302 [TAC9-C33]. 3:13p.m.

· BRISTOL, CT: MVA at King St. and Louisiana St. with entrapment. Jaws working. CT99/CT80 [TAC9-C33]. 3:23p.m.

· STOUGHTON, MA: MVA - Brock St. @ Washington St. Engine 1 reports jaws in use. C227,C231 *453.025* [TAC9-C06]. 3:33p.m.

· Update – STOUGHTON, MA: MVA on Brock St. @ Washington St. Engine-1 reports Jaws in use patient has been extricated and en-route to local hospital. C227,C231 *453.025* [TAC9-C06]. 3:38p.m.

· BUCKFIELD, ME: Working fire on Bryant Road. A building fire. M/A to work & cover. *154.070 C32 [TAC9-C101]. 4:17p.m.

· FARMINGTON, CT: MVA on Main Street in front of "Miss Porters." Tree on car. Jaws in use. CT19 [TAC9-C461]. 4:40p.m.

· COLUMBUS, OH: **Apparatus MVA** Arcadia & High. Ladder 13 rolled over into building. Co.'s: at least 5 Medics, 2 Rescues, 3 BN Chiefs & Safety Officer on scene. (2) Firefighters with minor injuries. OPS BN 1-ALT [FPO/217/D276] (C). 5:15p.m.

· OLATHE (JOHNSON Co.), KS: Working fire @ 17551 W. 158th Terrace x Madison. Smoke showing from a single-family dwelling. Rural Dist. Engine Automatic Aid. S/C for an additional MED-ACT AMBO. [KCFN-02]. 5:18p.m.

· COLUMBUS, OH: Update **Apparatus MVA** Arcadia & High St. (3) Firefighters with minor injuries, (1) in serious condition. Several minor injuries inside building. All taken to area hospitals. Ladder 13 was en-route to fire alarm. [FPO/217/221/D276] (C). 5:30p.m.

· SOUTH PORTLAND, ME: Working fire at 26 Spring Brook Rd. Structure fire. *154.43* [TAC9-C32]. 5:40p.m.

· BOSTON, MA: All Companies working - Box 3728 at 20 Victoria Heights. E53 reporting smoke showing. Request a 2nd Engine to drop a feeder line. *483.1875* C50 C519 [TAC9-C33]. 6:21p.m.

· ASPEN HILL, MD: **2nd Alarm** 3760 Bel Pre Rd. (Co. 25 Kensington). 3-story brick Garden Apartment with fire on 3rd floor, attic & thru roof. 6:22p.m.

· ALTON, NH: MVA/MCI on RT.11 @ Mt. Major. 6 Ambulances working. *159.900* C101 [TAC9-C422]. 6:33p.m.

· Update – BOSTON, MA: All Companies working - Box 3728 at 20 Victoria Heights. Car 12 reports fire in attic of 2-story Rowhouse. All Companies working. *483.1875* C50 C519 [TAC9-C33]. 6:34p.m.

· SUDBURY, MA: Working fire in a building on Sudbury Rd. OIC on scene reporting a structure fire. Unknown structure type. *33.74* C101 [TAC9-C422]. 6:43p.m.

· WEYMOUTH, MA: Working fire at 47 Pearl Street. Reported fire in a vacant house. Reported from a lightening strike. *154.235* C461,C67 [TAC9-C519]. 6:46p.m.

· DEDHAM, MA: Working fire - Box 833 at 31 Violet Ave. 1.5-story wood frame with fire on floor #2. M/A to cover. *153.95* [TAC9-C32]. 6:55p.m.

· BOSTON, MA: All Companies working - Box 1285 at 295 Franklin St. Reported fire in the ductwork of a structure. Co.'s charging lines. C30.C33,C519 *483.1875* [TAC9-C06]. 7:12p.m.

· MFN: MONTGOMERY Co., MD: *2nd Alarm Apartment Fire* 3700 Bel Rre Rd (Co #25). Command reporting a 3-story Garden Apartment with fire through the roof. Additional Truck Co. added over the 2nd Alarm. (Nextel) [MFN1]. 7:12p.m.

· RYE, NH: Working fire at Rand Lumber Company on Washington Road. Outside fire extended to a structure. M/A to work & cover. *154.190* C32 [TAC9-C101]. 7:32p.m.

· STLFN: ST.CLAIR Co., IL: Signal Hill FD is on scene of a trailer fire at Arch View Stables, 9000 Old St. Louis Rd. Northwest FD responding Mutual Aid. 1st Unit advises smoke showing. [STL997]. 7:45p.m.

· STLFN: ST.CLAIR Co., IL: Update on Signal Hill FD’s trailer fire at 9000 Old St. Louis Rd. Abbott Ambulance has been requested for an unknown reason. [STL997]. 7:52p.m.

· STLFN: ST.CLAIR Co., IL: Update on Signal Hill FD’s trailer fire at 9000 Old St. Louis Rd. Command advises Ambulance on scene & fire is under control. Units will be on scene for 20 more minutes. [STL997]. 7:58p.m.

· 2nd Alarm - NORTH READING, MA: Box 421 on George F. Root Lane. Heavy fire showing from a house under construction. M/A en-route. *453.950* C32/C422 [TAC9-C461]. 9:14p.m.

· RIDGETOWN, ONTARIO, CANADA (CHATHAM/KENT): **2nd Alarm Equiv. 18 Main Street. Fully involved 2-story business building. M/A from Highgate and Blenham. EMS on stand by. (FNNM-300) (c) 2002. 9:17p.m.

· NORTH READING, MA: Working fire - Box 521at George F. Root Lane. Dwelling under construction with heavy fire floor#1. DWH *453.950* [TAC9-C32]. 9:24p.m.

· PERTH AMBOY (MIDDLESEX Co.), NJ: **2nd Alarm** 674 Grace Ave. Fire is in a private dwelling. 1st line is a 2.5” to the front door. All Companies working. [EAN388]. 9:25p.m.

· 2nd Alarm - NORTH READING, MA: Box 521 at George F. Root Lane. Dwelling under construction well involved. M/A to work and cover. [TAC9-C32]. 9:26p.m.

· PERTH AMBOY (MIDDLESEX Co.), NJ: **3rd Alarm** 674 Brace Ave. Still have heavy fire on the 3rd floor of a 3-story occupied multiple dwelling. Searches on the 2nd floor are (-). Request for additional Companies to the scene. All Companies working - fire doubtful. [EAN388]. 9:39p.m.

· MIDDLEBORO, MA: MVA on Route 495 Northbound, 1 mile south of Exit 3. Jaws in use. One victim trapped. *470.700* C15 [TAC9-C461]. 9:44p.m.

· TILDEN TWP., PA: 4th Alarm at 2363 Mountain Rd. Fire in a Chemical Lab at the Blue Mountain Academy. [PA33/EAN10]. 10:36p.m.

· CROMWELL, CT: MVA on Route 9 southbound near Exit 19 (West St.). A rollover with ejection. Lifestar requested. L/Z is on Route 9. All southbound lanes closed. *154.430* [TAC9-C09]. 11:41p.m.


*** FirePage Ohio Report for July 15, 2002 ***

FirePage Ohio® covers all of Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Northern Kentucky and we will soon add Eastern Indiana and the City of Indianapolis. Beginning in 2002, we will be sending all of our incident notifications via E-Mail. So, if you carry an alphanumeric pager, PDA or cell phone, and that device has an email address, we can get the information to you.

For additional information, you can contact us at our office, (937) 399-4197, email us at info@firepageohio.com or visit our web site at http://www.firepageohio.com.

If you'd like to report an incident, please call our hotline number: 1-888-342-0143, and leave a message. Please make sure you include your name and a call back number.

This report is complied by FirePage Ohio® Dispatcher Scott Berringer (703@firepageohio.com)

- 0825
German Twp (Clark): (Delayed from 0615) W/F @ Greenlawn Village Apartments on SR 41 Just North of Miller Rd. Apt Bldg fire. 1 DOA. SFMO S/C'd. M/A for tankers from several departments. FPO/D320 ©

- 1626
Jerome Twp (Union): W/F Flatt Rd West of the RR Tracks. Field Fire. Cos: Eng 212, 274 (Marysville), Brush 271, 210. FPO/D276 ©

- 1630
Jerome Twp (Union): W/F Flatt Rd West of the RR Tracks. Brush 261 (Pleasant Valley) on the card. Command reports 1 acre going. Add Tank 213 to the card. FPO/D276 ©

- 1637
Jerome Twp (Union): W/F Flatt Rd West of the RR Tracks. Command reports fire K/D. Holding all companies. FPO/D276 ©

- 1721
Vienna Twp (Trumbull): MVA/ROLLOVER/Haz-Mat SR 82 WB & Scoville North. Tanker overturned. Placard # 1866. TC911/FPO/256/313*/D323 ©

- 1727
Vienna Twp (Trumbull): MVA/ROLLOVER/Haz-Mat SR 82 WB & Scoville North. All Sta 46 apparatus on scene. Trumbull County HMRT S/C'd. TC911/FPO/MANY/D323 ©

- 1753
Columbus: *Apparatus MVA* Arcadia & High. Cos: Med 7, 16, 13, 19, Res2cuE, BN 1, 3. Apparatus rollover. FPO/D276 ©

- 1757
Columbus: *Apparatus MVA* Arcadia & High. This is in front of "Patrick J's Bar". Truck vs bldg. Res16cuE, Lad 1 (Top Gun), PIO, ES 2 (Deputy Chief), SO 2 (Safety Officer) on the scene. FFs injured. FPO/D276 ©

- 1805
Columbus: *Apparatus MVA* Arcadia & High. Ladder 13 is the apparatus involved. Utilities S/C'd. FPO/217/D276 ©

- 1821
Vienna Twp (Trumbull): MVA/ROLLOVER/Haz-Mat SR 82 WB & Scoville North. SR 82 closed in both directions. Youngstown Air Base Sta 10 S/C'd for Foam. OSP, TCSO, & VPD also on scene. TC911/FPO/MANY/D323 ©

- 1844
Kent (Portage): W/F 1323 North Mantua. Roof fire in unknown type structure. Cos: Chief 1800, Eng 1823, Lad 1819. Quick K/D. FPO/703/D701 ©

- 1847
Columbus: W/F 830 Summit St. 2 sty house, smoke showing. FPO/221/D276 ©

- 1847
Columbus: *Apparatus MVA* Arcadia & High. Tow 1 with Collapse Trailer S/C'd. FPO/217/221/D276 ©

- 1849
Columbus: W/F 830 Summit St. Lad 8 (Fire Fightin' 8's), Eng 3, EMS 14, BN 1 on scene. Fire K/D. Holding all companies. FPO/221/D276 ©

- 2025
Vienna Twp (Trumbull): MVA/ROLLOVER/Haz-Mat SR 82 WB & Scoville North. Tanker is carrying 44,200 pounds of Xylene which is highly flammable. Crash truck from Youngstown Air Base laying foam. TC911/FPO/MANY/D323 ©

- 2150
Vienna Twp (Trumbull): MVA/ROLLOVER/Haz-Mat SR 82 WB & Scoville North. Howland Twp Res30cuE S/C'd for additional lighting. VERY extended ops. TC911/FPO/MANY/D323 ©

- 2210
I would like to commend FPO/230 who is the Trumbull County 911 Fire Dispatcher this evening, and the other dispatchers at the Trumbull County 911 Center for the outstanding job they have done this evening handling the Haz-Mat incident in Vienna Twp. FPO/D323 ©

- 2323
Lakewood (Cuyahoga): Extra Company MVA Olivewood & Franklin. All Lakewood FD EMS units (Squad 1, 3, & 2) on scene working. FPO/D703 ©

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DC Firecom/Baltimore Metro Dispatch Report

BALTIMORE, MD (26-5): PIA/PIN at Key Hwy & McComas St. (Port Covington in S. Baltimore). E-26 requests Rescue, EMS-5 requests 3rd Medic. [DC/BMD/E*23]. 09:59hrs.

HARFORD Co., MD: *Working fire+* Dwelling at 2410 Old Joppa Rd. (Co#8 - Joppa/Magnolia) – Mutual Aid Baltimore Co. Tanker Operations. [DC/BMD/E*23-2-10]. 10:37hrs.

BALTIMORE Co., MD: *Working fire* in a dwelling at 504 Raven Rock Ct. (Co.#44 - Hereford). Have a working basement fire. Mutual Aid Harford Co. & York Co., PA. Tanker operations. Now reporting fire knocked down. [DC/BMD/E*23]. 21:35hrs.



Hartford Citywide Radio Association Incident Log


Providence, RI /10-75/ 190 Harold St 2.5wdfr a kitchen fire EMS req 08:57

Stratford, CT /10-75/ 556 Hollester St 3brk apt bldg fire 2nd flr 10:32

Newington, CT /10-31/ Berlin Tpk and Robbins Rd NFI 12:28

Woonsocket, RI /2nd Alarm/ Sayles St and River St 4brk heavy fire 4th flr and attic exterior attack due to partial collapse of the roof 16:27

Manchester, CT (8th Utilities District) /10-75/ 700 Main St unk type bldg NFI 19:38

Granby, CT /10-31/10-43 req/ Rt189 and Mountain Rd a motorcycle accident 19:44

Windsor Locks, CT /10-31 Code Blue/ Spring St and Center St add’l EMS req NFI 20:06


Meriden, CT /10-75/ 62 Reservoir Ave unk type bldg EMS req 00:26

Hartford, CT /10-31/ New Britain Ave and Fairfield Ave NFI 14:18

Springfield, MA /2nd Alarm/ 2392 Main St vacant 4brk apt bldg exterior attack 21:31

East Granby, CT /10-31/ 60 Newgate Rd car into wood 1 pinned 23:32


Lebanon, CT /10-80/ 190 Raferty Rd (3) 10-45 Code 2 (serious) with CO poisoning 06:30

Ellington, CT /10-31/ Rt83 and Main St a rollover add’l EMS req 11:25

Fairfield, CT /10-75/ 18 Hulls Hwy 3brk fire 2nd flr 11:41

Meriden, CT /10-75/ 258 South Colony St an attic fire in unk type bldg add’l Engine req 15:03

Vernon, CT /10-30/ 161 High St occ 3wdfr fire 2nd flr 19:10

Union, CT /10-26/ Rt190 Bigelow Hollow State Park dive team and R-5 req 19:10

North Stonington, CT /2nd Alarm/ Rt49 and Ruderman Rd a dwelling NFI 21:01

Stafford, CT (Staffordville Section) /10-31/10-43 X3 req/ 38 Buckley Hwy a rollover (4) 10-45 Code 2 (serious) 2 pinned 22:56

Waterbury, CT /10-30/ 22 Barbara St fire in the walls of an unk type bldg NFI 23:18


Hartford, CT /10-30/ 14 Franklin Ave occ dwelling NFI 01:15

Hartford, CT /10-75/ 15 Nelton Crt occ 3wdfr dwelling 01:54

Andover, CT /10-31/10-43 X2 req/ 605 Rt6 a rollover add’l EMS and R-5 req 02:35

Marlborough, CT /10-31/10-43 req/ 35 Main St 2 pinned R-5 req 03:02

Hartford, CT /2nd Alarm/ 10 Columbus Blvd fire in the duct work of a high rise 09:31

Somers, CT /10-31/10-43 req/ 370 Ninth District Rd truck vs child (1) 10-45 Code 2 (traumatic arrest) 10:57

Stamford, CT /10-75/ 710 Riverbank Rd a rollover add’l Jaws req 13:07

Ellington, CT (Crystal Lake Section) /10-75/ 12 Jacobs Hill Rd occ 2.5wdfr dwelling 21:52

Springfield, MA /10-75/ 69 Washington St an OMD fire in one unit 21:54


New Haven, CT /10-75/ Lamberton St and Button St 2.5wdfr dwelling fire 2nd flr 03:01

Springfield, MA /10-75/ 164 Marion St 2.5wdfr well involved with exposure problems 10:11

Pawtucket, RI /10-30/ 125 Gallego Crt outside fire extended to bldg NFI 14:50

Coventry, CT (North Coventry Section) /10-31/10-43 req/ Rt44 and Lewis Hill Rd NFI 15:44

West Haven, CT /10-75/ 546 Washington Ave 2.5wdfr fire 2nd flr 16:25

Middletown, CT /10-75/ Crescent St “Middlesex Hospital” fire on the loading dock 17:57

Waterbury, CT /10-31/ Tompkins St car vs pedestrian 23:04


Vernon, CT /10-31/10-43 req/ Rt83 at Tri-City Plaza a motorcycle accident 00:36

Putnam, CT (East Putnam Section) /10-75/ 125 Five Mile River Rd a barn fire 03:28

East Hartford, CT /10-31/ Ellington Rd and School St NFI 15:46

Worcester, MA /10-75/ 83 Valmor St a dwelling NFI 16:00

Salem, CT /10-26/10-43 req/ Rt354 Gardner Lake a boating accident 17:50

Old Saybrook, CT /10-31/10-43 req/ Essex Rd and Ferry Rd NFI 19:15

Colchester, CT /10-31/10-43 req/ Rt2 WB between Exits 15 and 16 a rollover (2) 10-45 Code 2 (serious) (1) 10-45 Code 3 (minor) 20:17

West Warwick, RI /10-75/ Main St and Nester St 2.5wdfr fire top flr 20:35

Ellington, CT /10-99/ 6 Caroline Dr approx (5) 10-45’s unk codes from fireworks R-5 and add’l EMS req 21:42

Coventry, CT /10-31/10-43 req/Rt44 at Brighams Tavern Rda rollover 1 pinned R-5 X2 and add’l EMS req 22:49


Central Falls, RI /2nd Alarm/ Broad St 3wdfr mill type comm bldg 09:49

Plainville, CT /10-25/ Johnson Ave “Robertson Airport” plane off the runway on its roof 14:04

North Kingstown, RI /10-75/ Northbriar Dr 2 bay garage 15:36

Granby, CT /10-31/ Mountain Rd and Silky Rd 1 pinned R-5 req 16:03

Waterbury, CT /10-75/ 84 Austin Rd unk type bldg NFI 18:36

Woonsocket, RI /10-75/ 446 River St 1.5wdfr comm bldg 22:32


Providence, RI /10-75/ Wayne St and Douglas Ave 2.5wdfr OMD heavy fire top two flrs with exposure problems 03:43

Providence, RI /2nd Alarm equiv/ 193 Wendell St a 3wdfr dwelling fire 2nd and 3rd flrs 07:29

Cromwell, CT /10-31/ 307 Main St NFI 15:39

Enfield, CT (Thompsonville District) /10-75/ 34-36 Maple Ave 2.5wdfr fire on 2nd flr 21:41


Manchester, CT /10-75/ 15 Park St 2wdfr 4 bay garage 00:44

Hartford, CT /10-75/ 71 Madison St 2.5brk heavy fire in the rear 07:47

Granby, MA /3rd Alarm/ Granby Heights unk type bldg NFI 08:26

Vernon, CT /10-75/ 9 Cubles Dr occ 2wdfr dwelling fire 1st flr 11:28

Providence, RI /2nd Alarm/ 130 Hope St 3wdfr heavy fire NFI 13:50

Providence, RI /10-30/ 494 Broad St a vacant bldg NFI 14:35

Johnston, RI Greenville Ave 3wdfr fire 3rd flr 15:44

Hartford, CT /10-75/ 18 Lawrence St 3brk fire 2nd flr 17:00

Hartford, CT /2nd Alarm on Arrival/ 128 Adams St occ 3wdfr exterior attack add’l EMS for (1) firefighter 10-45 unk code 20:10

New Fairfield, CT /10-31/ Rt39 and Bogus Hill Rd 2 car head on add’l EMS req (6) 10-45’s unk codes 20:54

Springfield, MA /10-31/ 85 Berkshire Ave NFI 22:44


Trumbull, CT /10-31/ Rt15 SB at Exit 50 car off the road (1) 10-45 Code 2 (traumatic arrest) 01:12

Hartford, CT /10-31/ I-91 SB at the Colt Building a rollover prolonged extrication add’l EMS and Engine req 04:00

West Haven, CT /10-31 with fire/ I-95 between Exits 43-44 tractor trailer unit off the bridge 04:06

Danbury, CT /10-75/ 375 Main St unk type bldg add’l Engine and EMS req 22:17


Providence, RI /10-75/ 24 Lavaughn St occ dwelling fire in the basement 03:35

Worcester, MA /10-75/ West Boylston St and Boardman St 3wdfr fire in the rear 07:28

East Hartford, CT /10-75/ 95 Shannon Rd a dwelling NFI 09:22

Stonington, CT /10-31/ 378 Farmholme Rd NFI 10:04

Hartford, CT /10-75/ 106 Vine St occ 3wdfr fire in basement extending up 12:01

Providence, RI /10-75/ 167 Gallup St 3wdfr fire 1st flr add’l Engine req 13:58

East Haven, CT /10-31/ Hemmingway St and Short Beach Rd NFI 17:09

Berlin, CT /10-31/ Mill St and Webster Square Cir add’l Heavy Rescue req 18:52

Windsor, CT /10-31/10-43 req/ Poquonock Ave car vs child NFI 19:01

Wallingford, CT /10-75/ 52 Maple Ave unk type bldg NFI 21:10

Redding, CT /10-75/ 14 Woodland Dr unk type bldg NFI 22:33


Manchester, CT /10-75/ Adelaide Rd 2wdfr dwelling fire in the walls 10:29

Smithfield, RI /2nd Alarm/ 445 George Washington Hwy basement fire in a comm bldg 10:39

Bolton, CT /10-75/ 17 South St a detached garage 14:45

East Providence, RI /10-75/ 16 Hazelwood St occ 2wdfr duplex a basement fire add'l Engine and ladder req 19:09


Hartford, CT /10-30/ Seymour St car fire in parking garage 11:36

Johnston, RI /3rd Alarm/ Mancini Dr over 100 junk cars in junk yard co's having water probs 13:29

Southbridge MA /3rd Alarm/ Sisco St unk type bldg NFI 16:04

East Hampton, CT /10-75/ 130 East High St "White House Hotel" outside fire that extended to bldg 23:12


Gardner MA /2nd Alarm/ Main St and Chestnut St unk type bldg NFI 01:54

Farmington, CT /10-31/ I-84 EB near Exit 39 a rollover 1 pinned 02:53

Providence, RI /10-75/ 8 Baltimore St occ 2wdfr 11:27

Watertown, CT /2nd Alarm/ Harvard St “Kenecticut Hardware” a comm bldg electrical hazard preventing fire attack also LPG tank burning power co req (1) 10-45 unk code 16:22

Pawtucket, RI /10-30/ 69 Francis Ave occ 3wdfr dwelling a kitchen fire 18:16

North Providence, RI /10-75/ 1 Tingley La 2wdfr fire 1st flr 20:35

Southwick, MA /10-31/10-43req/ Sheep Pasture Rd NFI 21:02

HCRA website: http://www.hartfordcitywide.com


Boise Idaho Report

July 11th - temp 109*
-1522hrs - MVA/Ext - Hwy 55 @ Fairview Rd (Meridian FD) = Have a semi that rearended six auto's, numerous patients - 2 pinned - S/C for 2 ALS units & E303 R351.

July12th - temp 110*
**TL6 has been removed from service for the next 4 months & is being sent in for refurbishing.

-0540hrs - WF - 5001 W. Glenbrook Ave (West Boise) = Have a fire in a SFD - E10 T6 working

-1739hrs - MVA/Ext - Meridian Rd just south of Overland Rd (Meridian FD) = Have two auto t-bone

-2138hrs - MVA/Ext - 3000 blk E. Boise Ave (East Boise) = Have 2 auto head-on

-2311hrs - Interface fire - Hills Gate @ Deep Canyon (Eagle FD) = Have a rapid moving Interface fire - S/C for Star FD & BLM - 5 hr control time.

July 13th - temp 103*
-0308hrs - WF - 5115 Gage St (South Boise) = Have two cars that were torched and fire extended into business.

-2012hrs - Major Grass fire - I-84 @ Eisenmann Exit (Columbia Village) = Have a rapid moving grass fire threatening numerous buildings - crews worked 6 fires in this area from 2000hrs until 0100hrs.

** Major wind & lighting storm hits the Boise region

-2308hrs - 2nd Alarm fire - Gowen & Henry Rd (South Boise) = Have a lightning strike that has set fire to an auto junk yard extending to one residence - using 6 Eng., 2-ladders, 2-brush units, 1-WT, & 3 Chiefs - units o/s for 19-hrs.

-2340hrs - Hay stack fire - 1601 E. Poen Rd (Kuna FD) = Have 5000 tons of hay on fire from lightning strike.

-2350hrs - Major Brush fire - Ore/Idaho border = BLM & Rural agencies working a brush fire that is currently 57,000 acres and growing.

July 14th - temp 101*
-0418hrs - Hay stack fire - 14040 Willis Rd (Star FD) = Have a 4000 ton hay stack on fire from lightning

-1700hrs - Interface fire - Eagle Rd @ Kuna Rd (Kuna FD) = Have a brush fire running between rural sub-divisions.

-1704hrs - WF - 3385 S. Holden Ln (Southeast) = Have a 2-stry SFD that has been struck by lightning - "All Hands working".

-1727hrs - WF - 5514 N. Quail Summit Pl. (Northeast foothills) = Have a large 2 stry SFD that was struck by lightning S/C for 1-Engine. "All Hands working".

**In a 48-hr period metro Boise fire units responded to 67 fires due to arson & lightning storms. At one point, on July 13th there were no units available to respond to calls in the entire county and dispatch was advised to send only 1 unit to calls until a fire was confirmed. This was also the first time in three years that Boise FD has had to call-in firefighters to man reserve units.

Chris Campbell


Governor's Office of Emergency Services
California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
Joint Fire Information Report

07/15/02 0900 Hours

CDF has 27 personnel and 2 agency representatives on incidents in Nevada and 1 assigned to MAFFS #1. CDF has 1954 personnel committed on the larger fires in California. CDF currently has 28% (94 of 336) of its fire engines and 58% (115 of 200) of its hand crews committed to all incidents statewide at this time. CDF has committed an Incident Management Team to the Lost Cabin fire near Las Vegas, Nevada. OES related resources committed include 15 local government fire engines, which represent 1% of all local government engines available through the mutual aid system (there are approx. 1,000 total available). There are 0 OES Engines currently committed to out-of State fires. One OES A/C is committed to the Slinkard Complex. The MAFFS Modular (inserts) from the Channel Islands remain federalized in Colorado.


Mussolini (Siskiyou county - 8 miles northwest of Weed)

2,500 acres - 80% containment (cause is under investigation)
3 injuries to date
No structures destroyed, 22 threatened.
Resources assigned:
Total 1091 firefighters (988 CDF, 59 OES/LG),
76 fire engines (59 CDF, 10 OES/LG),
38 hand crews (38 CDF, 0 OES/LG),
6 helicopters (3 CDF, 0 OES/LG),
38 dozers (18 CDF, 20 OES/LG)
32 water tenders (0 CDF, 5 OES/LG),
104 overhead (83 CDF, 9 OES/LG),
CDF Team 3, Walters has been activated. Fire was very active within the lines yesterday evening, but was inactive overnight. Crews made good progress on fire lines with both hand crews and bulldozers on direct and indirect line. Will continue to establish control lines and hold and mop up established lines. Traffic restrictions are in place, primarily because of equipment movement. Locals only are allowed on Stewart Springs Roads and Old Highway 99 in the area of the fire. Primary threat is to structures and timber. Major problem is the steep terrain with limited access.


Horse Complex (Lassen County - 13 Miles north of Susanville)

1,580 acres - 95% containment (lightning caused)
0 injuries to date
No structures destroyed, 3 threatened
Resources assigned:
Total 227 firefighters (30 CDF, 6 OES/LG),
7 fire engines (0 CDF, 0 OES/LG),
5 hand crews (0 CDF, 0 OES/LG),
0 helicopters (0 CDF, 0 OES/LG),
2 dozers (0 CDF, 0 OES/LG)
1 water tenders (0 CDF, 0 OES/LG),
85 overhead (15 CDF, 6 OES/LG),
Firecrews made good progress yesterday. Continuing line construction. Mop up and control beginning. No major problems or concerns remaining. Wood Ranch, recreational residence and historical phone line are threatened.

Rush (Lassen County - Off Hwy 395, 8 miles southeast of Ravendale)

4,000 acres - 5% containment (lightning caused)
0 injuries to date
No structures destroyed, 3 threatened
Resources assigned:
Total 327 firefighters (86 CDF, 1 OES/LG),
10 fire engines (1 CDF, 0 OES/LG),
7 hand crews (5 CDF, 0 OES/LG),
3 helicopters (0 CDF, 0 OES/LG),
3 dozers (0 CDF, 0 OES/LG)
4 water tenders (0 CDF, 0 OES/LG),
11 overhead (3 CDF, 1 OES/LG),
Fire backed uphill against the wind with 20 foot flame lengths. Fire increased from 500 acres Sunday to 4,000 Monday morning. Continues to spread along south flank into the Five Springs Wilderness Study Area which is very inaccessible country. North flank continues to progress towards Nevada at a steady pace. Major problems are access and rocky terrain requiring line construction by hand crews.

Annie (Modoc County - (5 miles northeast of Fort Bidwell, CA)

300 acres - 100% containment (lightning caused)
0 injuries to date
No structures destroyed or threatened
Resources assigned:
Total 36 firefighters (35 CDF, 0 OES/LG)
1 overhead (0 CDF, 0 OES/LG)
The fire is in steep terrain. This is the final report for this fire.

Muldoon Complex (Modoc County -24 miles north of Alturas, CA)

100 acres - 25% containment (lightning caused)
0 injuries to date
No structures destroyed, 15 threatened
Resources assigned:
Total 390 firefighters (93 CDF, 22 OES/LG),
15 fire engines (10 CDF, 0 OES/LG),
4 hand crews (1 CDF, 0 OES/LG),
2 helicopters (0 CDF, 0 OES/LG),
1 dozers (0 CDF, 0 OES/LG)
1 water tenders (0 CDF, 1 OES/LG),
75 overhead (6 CDF, 20 OES/LG),
USFS Type 2 Incident Managed team (Dietrich) has been activated. Priority is Deep Creek and Muldoon fires. Complex consists of approximately 23 lightning caused fires. Three fires burning in the wilderness are still unstaffed. Structure protection plan in place for Cedarville and the structures on the west side of Goose Lake. Holdover lightning strikes continue to materialize with rapid rates of spread in receptive fuels.

Garnet/1 mile North of El Prado Campground & Mt. Laguna

1,150 acres
40 % contained
2 Injuries
0 residence destroyed
Fire fighting resources: 488 fire fighters (309 CDF), 30 engines (8CDF), 17 fire crews (12 CDF), 72 overhead (52 CDF), 0 helicopters ( 0 CDF)
Structure protection is still in place for Shrine Camp.
Good progress was made overnight constructing and reinforcing existing fire line.
Incident Command Team 9 (Kerrigan) transitioned on 7/14/02 @ 1800 hours.

Inyo Complex (West of 395 and Big Pine)

6550 total acres (Fuller: 6,400acres) (Piper: 150 acres))
75% contained (Fuller: 65% contained) (Piper: 100% contained)
5 injuries
0 residence destroyed
Fire fighting resources: 945 fire fighters (413 CDF), 28 engines
(8 CDF), 32 fire crews (14 CDF), 105 overhead (30 CDF), 4
helicopters (0 CDF)
Structure protection still in place due to low/moderate threat for additional spread given the current and expected fire behavior. Thunder cell activity is expected to continue through Wednesday. Big Pine Canyon area opened to residents only. Campgrounds in Big Pine and Glacier Lodge Road remains closed to the public, but are expected to open today @ 0900 hours. Demobilization of resources continues today.

Slinkard Complex (Hwy 89 and Hwy 395)

7200 acres
0% contained
Fire fighting resources: One local government strike team out of the Tahoe Basin one OES A/C assigned. Hwy 89 and Hwy 395 remain closed. Voluntary evacuations are in place for Double Springs Flat, Colbert and Highlands Junction, Topaz Lodge and Topaz Lake area. There is an evacuation center set up at the Walker Community Center. Fire is running on three fronts and expected to come into the Holbrook Junction area today. Fire just came into the State of Nevada this morning.

The National Interagency Center is running short of Type 1 and 2 Incident Management Teams nationwide.

OES and CDF are working with the Governors' Office and the Department of Finance for out of state travel authorizations to support emergency operations.



This is District 1 Fire Chief Stephen J. Kluesener reporting on a one alarm fire that occurred this afternoon in the Over the Rhine neighborhood. The fire was reported at 4:00PM. First arriving companies were confronted with fire showing on the fourth floor of a five story multidwelling. An aggressive interior attack quickly knocked the fire down and confined the fire to a single bedroom in an apartment. There were no injuries. The cause of the fire has not been determined at this time but it is not considered suspicious in nature. Firefighters were on the scene for two hours. The loss is set at $5,000. One family was displaced by the fire and are recieving assistance from the Red Cross. For additional information contact Stephen Kluesener at 352-2311.


Captain Robert Becker
Cincinnati Fire Prevention Bureau
700 West Pete Rose Way
5th Floor, Lobby B
Office (513) 357-7597


Gary, Indiana workers

Workers for 1st turn 07/15/02

1512- Still Alarm for a working fire @1136 N. Wayne Eng-11 first on the scene reports a 2 1/2 sty. frame w/ heavy fire, due to house location and being on a hill access was difficult, special call for 3rd engine. heat index was 98 degrees. 3-lines on the fire. Extensive overhaul. Eng-11, Eng-7, Eng-1 Trk-1 Squad-2 Batt.7

1709- Still Alarm for a vacant house @ 268 Harrison , Squad 2 first on the scene reports a 1 1/2 sty. brk w/ heavy smoke and fire showing, 3 lines put to work at this fire. Eng-2, Eng-8 Trk-4 Squad-2 Batt.8

As Squad 2 was picking up from this fire members spotted heavy black smoke in the sky to the east at the same time Eng-1 was dispatched to a brush fire at 3rd & Ohio we felt there was more on fire than just brush , so Squad-2 responded to the location , upon arrival we found couple hundred rail-road ties burning. Squad-2 immediately requested for Tanker-13 due to the location of the incident. Foam was used to bring the blaze under control. Companies remained on the scene for a couple hours overhauling and hitting hotspots. Eng-1, Trk-1 Squad-2 Tanker-13 Batt-7 & 8

0324- Still Alarm for a working fire @ 2360 Fairbanks scene of a previous fire (person actually got it right this time) Trk-4 first on the scene reports a 1-sty. brk. fully involved and thru the roof. 3- lines on the fire , extensive overhaul. Eng-3, Eng-9 Truck-4 Squad-2 Batt-8




for July 15th:

1956: 3 Alarms - Box#216 - 1127-1135 McElderry St - Northeast Of Downtown - Fire involved (5) dwellings. (CHM1)

1961: Box#8471 - 0131hrs - 3110 Westfield Ave - Hamilton (Northeast Baltimore) - Fire involved a 2.5 story woodframe dwelling - The fire was mostly in the attic area when (2) members of T-14 went into the basement to determine a possible cause - The fire was extensive & all the water had flooded the basement - There was heavy smoke conditions & Lieutenant Head struggled to leave the basement & staggered out into the fresh air - Other members of the department found the body of Firefighter James M. Gallagher, T-14, in a pool of water in the basement - He had also been overcome by the smoke, but was unable to exit the dwelling - He was taken to Union Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead - He was 49 years old & in the fire service for 18 years - He was buried in Meadowridge Cemetery on 7/18/1961. (CHM1*TUH)

1964: The last Chief of the Salvage Corps, Frank Pollack, died @ the age of 75 - He never fully recovered from a mortal blow, the disbanding of his beloved Salvage Corps. (TUH)

1973: 2 Alarms - Box#337 - 518 Dolphin St - Northwest Of Downtown - Fire involved a 3 story brick dwelling. (CHM1)

1988: 2 Alarms + Special Call (4) Engines - Box#6432 - 1912hrs - 812 W Patapsco - English Consul (South Baltimore) - Fire involved a building occupied by several commercial businesses - Not much fire, but enough smoke combined with the hot muggy evening to make the going rough - (Note: Companies with a "*" have since been disbanded) 1st alarm @ 1912hrs - E-58, E-35, E-47, E-55, T-21, T-23, AirFlex-1 (Now Air Cascade-1), Medic-9, & BC-6 - 2nd alarm @ 1922hrs = E-57, *E-37*, *E-12*, E-26, T-6, *T-13*, *Aerial Tower-128*, Rescue-1, Medic-12, Fire Investigation Bureau-1, EMS Super-4, *BC-10* (Now BC-3), & *DC-2* (Now Shift Commander) - Special call @ 1955hrs = E-6 from E-35, *E-38* from E-47, E-14, & E-2 - Fire under control @ 1955hrs - Transfers = E-6/E-35, *E-11*/E-35, *E-38*/E-47, T-5/T-21, *T-9*/T-6. (TGA)

George T. Ehrman



Buffalo Fire web site:


Chris W.



On the evening of Monday, July 15, 2002, six members of the Cincinnati Fire Department graduated from the University of Cincinnati's 28th graduating class of paramedics. Over the past ten months the students have attended 105 classes and 18 lab sessions, taken 10 written exams, and performed 150 clinical hours in area hospitals.

In addition they have ridden on paramedic transport units for over 300 hours and have provided Advanced Life Support to 32 critically ill or injured patients. They have also been trained in the procedures for helicopter patient transfer. These students are now certified in Advanced Life Support as well as Pediatric Advanced Life Support. They have all earned 45 college credits toward an EMS Associate's Degree.

Upon successful testing later this week by the National Accrediting Registry the following members will become certified as Paramedics and will join the ranks of the city's 150 Fire-Medics and 650 Fire-EMTs who provide Emergency Medical Service to the people of Cincinnati:

Captain George Hornback, Captain Joe Wolf, Lieutenant Gayle Unzicker, Lieutenant Mark Schwetschenau, Fire Apparatus Operator Doug Riedel, and Firefighter Melissa Brown.

Media Contact: Emergency Medical Service Chief, District Chief Denny Clark: 357-7511


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