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    Post World Of Fire Report: 07-16-02

    *** America's Fire Paging Notification Network ***
    Local & National reports from pager notification networks around the U.S.

    (All times are in Central Daylight Time unless otherwise indicated)

    Tuesday, July 16, 2002

    · MICRO (JOHNSTON Co.), NC: *2nd Alarm Equiv* Railroad St. at the Micro Slaughter House. 1-story commercial structure fire. 2 hydrants caught for supply. Train traffic shutdown. 4 FD's M/A. 45 minute control time. [CFP*702]. 1:55a.m.

    · EAST PROVIDENCE, RI: Working fire on Wampanoag Trail. Fire in a 3-story wood frame Apartment building. Heavy fire showing. Request for M/A. *470.7625* [TAC9-C319]. 3:05a.m.

    · Update - EAST PROVIDENCE, RI: Working fire on Wampanoag Trail. Fire in a 3-story wood frame Apartment building. Rescue in progress. *470.7625* [TAC9-C319]. 3:09a.m.

    · Update - EAST PROVIDENCE, RI: Working fire at 1357 Wampanoag Trail. Fire in a 3-story wood frame Apartment building. Request for M/A Ladder. Now request for the 3 Rescue to the scene. *470.7625* [TAC9-C319]. 3:15a.m.

    · 2nd Alarm Equiv. EAST PROVIDENCE, RI: 1357 Wampanoag Trail. Fire in a 4-story wood frame Apartment building. Request for M/A from Providence, RI and from Barrington, RI. Still have heavy fire showing. *4707625* [TAC9-C319]. 3:25a.m.

    · Update - EAST PROVIDENCE, RI: 2nd Alarm Equiv. at 1357 Wampanoag Trail. Fire in a 4-story wood frame Apartment building. Request for 3 Engines and 2 Ladders to staging on Wamanoag Trail. Setting up Ladder Pipe - going to work. *470.7625* C304/20 [TAC9-C319]. 3:30a.m.

    · 3rd Alarm Equiv. EAST PROVIDENCE, RI: 1357 Wampanoag Trail. Fire in a 4-story wood frame Apartment building. Now request for T-l 1 to go to work. Fire is still DWH. *470.7625* [TAC9-C319]. 3:43a.m.

    · Update - EAST PROVIDENCE, RI: 3rd Alarm Equiv. at 1357 Wampanoag Trail. Fire in a 4-story wood frame Apartment building. They have 3 Ladder Pipes in use and 1 Tower Ladder, 1 from Providence going to work. *470.7625* C304/C20/C51 [TAC9-C319]. 3:49a.m.

    · Update - EAST PROVIDENCE, RI: 3rd Alarm Equiv @ 1357 Wampanoag Trail. Fire in a 4-story wood frame Apartment building. OIC requests all Firefighters out of the building. Now request from Providence BC for additional Rescue to the fire. Fire is still – DWH. *470.7625* C20 (END) [TAC9-C319]. 4:12a.m.

    · Update - EAST PROVIDENCE, RI: 3rd Alarm Equiv. at 1357 Wampanoag trail fire in a 4-story wood frame Apartment building. Heavy fire thru the roof. Fire is still DWH. *470.7625* [TAC9-C319]. 4:35a.m.

    · Update - EAST PROVIDENCE, RI: 3rd Alarm Equiv. 1357 Wampanoag Trail. Fire in a 4-story wood frame Apartment building. All heavy fire is knocked down – PWH. *470.7625* [TAC9-C319]. 5:34a.m.

    · STLFN: FLINT HILL (ST.CHARLES Co.), MO: Wentzville FPD is working a MVA rollover with person ejected on S/B Hwy 61 & Hwy P. Vehicle appears to have flipped several times. Victim possibly J4 (DOA). [STL899]. 5:45a.m.

    · QUINCY, MA: Working fire - Box 1532 at 64 Highfield Road. Structure fire. *483.5375* [TAC9-C461]. 5:55a.m.

    · MIDDLEBORO, MA: MVA at Purchase Street and Carver Road. Rollover with entrapment. Jaws used. M/A from Carver. *470.700* C15/C51/C302 [TAC9-C461]. 6:05a.m.

    · RANDOLPH, MA: MVA on West Street and Grove Street. Jaws in use. 2 cars vs. Tractor-trailer. S/C for an additional Engine and Ambulance. *483.6625* C67 [TAC9-C15]. 7:13a.m.

    · BOSTON, MA: All Companies working - Box 245 at 350 South Huntington Ave. (Angel Memorial Animal Hospital). Fire on 2nd floor of a 4-story brick. Some animals being evacuated. *483.1875* C422/C319 [TAC9-C15]. 8:05a.m.

    · SWAMPSCOOT, MA: All Companies working - Box 36: St. John's Children’s Center, 176 Humphrey St. Fire in ductwork from heating unit. Lynn Engine M/A. *154.370* C422 [TAC9-C101]. 8:56a.m.

    · BRISTOL, NH: Water Rescue on Newfound Lake off Whittermore Point Rd. Capsized boat with 2 people in the water. Companies attempting rescue. *159.900* [TAC9-C101]. 10:08a.m.

    · FRANKLIN TWP. (FRANKLIN Co.), OH: **2nd Alarm** at 433 Knob Hill E. 2-story Apartment building. [FPO/D217] (C). 10:37a.m.

    · STLFN: COULTERVILLE (RANDOLPH Co.), IL: Coulterville FD is on scene of a Trailer fire @ 4th and Mill St. Tildon FD responding on M/A. (STL 835). 11:10a.m.

    · HINGHAM, MA: MVA on Linscott Street. Child struck by a motor vehicle. Medflight requested. L/Z Central Fire Station. *154.265* C714 [TAC9-C15]. 11:27a.m.

    · 65-2 Funeral Arrangements for FDNY Firefighter Michael V. Kiefer, Ladder Co L132, from injuries @ MANHATTAN, NY: 55-8087, WTC, 9/11/01: Mass on Thur 7/18 @ 0930hrs @ St. Catherine of Sienna RC Church, 333 New Hyde Park Rd., Franklin Sq., Nassau County, NY. Wake today 1400-1700/1900-2200hrs @ Krauss Funeral Home, 1097 Hempstead Turnpike, Franklin Square. May he rest in eternal peace. [MNS OFFICE]. 11:45a.m.

    · ORANGE Co., CA: 2nd Alarm: 9872 Flamingo Ave. in Fountain Valley. Single-family dwelling with fire and explosion. Possible drug lab. [FIREPAGE (R) LA-1]. 12:10p.m.

    · MANHEIM (YORK Co.), PA: 3rd Alarm at 7106 Simpson Rd. Dwelling - fully involved. Tanker Shuttle operations. M/A Carroll Co., MD. [DC/PA1]. 12:17p.m.

    · MFN: CARROLL Co., MD: *3rd Alarm Dwelling and woods fire* at 7106 Simpson Rd off Hoak Rd. Command reporting heavy fire showing. York Co., PA also on the call. Box 7-22. (Nextel Dan) [MFN1]. 12:37p.m.

    · NOBILE (RICHLAND Co.), IL: Working fire in a Cabinet Shop on E. Cherry St. Units request M/A for a Tanker & manpower from Olney FD. [CIFN*1 (H/L) CIFN*2]. 12:34p.m.

    · ORCHARD BEACH (ANNE ARUNDEL Co), MD: Explosion/MCI- BGE Brandon Shores Power Plant. At least 6 trauma victims from a manhole explosion. Command requests *3* Aircraft for Medevac. (DC51). 1:07p.m.

    · HARTFORD TWP. (LICKING Co.), OH: **2nd Alarm Equiv.** 8059 Lock Rd. Well-involved house fire. M/A from 5 area FD’s for Engines & Tanker operations: 151.195/154.235. [FPO/D276] (C). 1:07p.m.

    · STLFN: (13:15hrs) PINELAWN (ST.LOUIS Co.), MO: Normandy FPD *1st Alarm* @ 4106 Beachwood x Pasadena. Fire in the basement of a 1-story house. 1 line off & supply line laid. [vm-STL810/899]. 1:19p.m.

    · INDIANAPOLIS, IN: Fire in the salvage yard at 3219 Bertha St. Closest hydrant 1000’ away. OPS-3. [INDY-12]. 1:23p.m.

    · YPSILANTI TWP., MI: Working fire at 2105 Washtenaw, "Gene Butman Ford.” Defensive attack on arrival due to structural failure. M/A full assist from Ypsilanti City & Pittsfield Twp. Heavy smoke plume visible for miles. (FNNM 751). 1:30p.m.

    · 2nd Alarm – SHREWSBURY, MA: area of 39 Grafton St. Building fire. M/A Northborough to work. *154.2350* C461/C30 [TAC9-C66]. 4:33p.m.

    · RINDGE, NH: MVA on Cathedral Rd. Possibly involving a farm tractor. Dhart Helicopter responding for 1045C2. *154.430* C32/C101 [TAC9-C30]. 4:55p.m.

    · MANSFIELD, MA: Medflight on South Main St. at the Tweeter Center. 44 year-old male with a head injury. L/Z is the Municipal Airport. 15-minute ETA for Medflight. *453.8375* C15. [TAC9-C51]. 5:05p.m.

    · CHICAGO, IL: 2-11 Alarm fire @ 6700 S. Clyde b/o 2-2-6. 3-story brick Apartment building 150x100 with fire on the 2nd and 3rd floors. [CHGO-1/6/6A]. 6:07p.m.

    · WILMINGTON, MA: MVA on Rte.93 south between Rte.62 & Concord St. 6 vehicles involved. Jaws in use. 2 pinned, 1 ejected & 2 helicopters requested. *154.2875* C461 [TAC9-C30]. 10:53p.m.

    · Update - WILMINGTON, MA: MCI/MVA on Rte.93 South near Concord St. 6 AMB, 2 ALS, 2 Medevacs. 1 patient still trapped in traumatic arrest. S/C for additional Jaws. *154.285* C422 [TAC9-C30]. 11:06p.m.

    · NORWOOD, CO: Update - Fire has burned 44 sq mi with 200' flame lengths. 485 firefighters & 42 Engines on scene. Thunder Rd, Lower Naturita Canyon & Mesa Vista subdivision evacuated. [MNN244]. 11:19p.m.

    · SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ: *General Alarm* Rt-1 & Independence Way. 3-story building fully involved + numerous brush fires started by embers. Extensive M/A to work/cover. [EAN51/10]. 11:50p.m.


    *** FirePage Ohio Report for July 16, 2002 ***

    FirePage Ohio® covers all of Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Northern Kentucky and we will soon add Eastern Indiana and the City of Indianapolis. Beginning in 2002, we will be sending all of our incident notifications via E-Mail. So, if you carry an alphanumeric pager, PDA or cell phone, and that device has an email address, we can get the information to you.

    For additional information, you can contact us at our office, (937) 399-4197, email us at info@firepageohio.com or visit our web site at http://www.firepageohio.com.

    If you'd like to report an incident, please call our hotline number: 1-888-342-0143, and leave a message. Please make sure you include your name and a call back number.

    This report is complied by FirePage Ohio® Dispatcher Scott Berringer (703@firepageohio.com)

    - 1024
    Cortland (Trumbull): (Delayed from 0830) Haz-Mat SR 46 & SR 305. Major Gas Line rupture from construction crew. Evacuations in progress. Cos: Eng 12, 13 (Bazetta Twp), Res12cuE, Car 12, Med 12, Tank 38 (Mecca), 23 (Fowler). FPO/256/D703 ©

    - 1102
    Weathersfield Twp (Trumbull): MVA/PIN with Milti rollover I-80 just past Girard Exit. Sta 41, 42, OSP, & Lane Ambulance enroute. 2 pinned. FPO/724/D703 ©

    - 1103
    Franklin Twp (Franklin): W/F 433 Knob Hill East. Cos: Eng 12 (Columbus), 241 (Prairie Twp), 31, Lad 12, 26, Res17cuE, Med 195, BN 5, 190. Apt Bldg. FPO/D217 ©

    - 1106
    Franklin Twp (Franklin): W/F 433 Knob Hill East. RIC: Eng 17, Med 31, SO 2. FPO/D217 ©

    - 1128
    Franklin Twp (Franklin): *Stand-By 2nd Alarm* 433 Knob Hill East. Cos: Eng 10, 193, Lad 10. Crews used for relief. FPO/D217 ©

    - 1133
    Franklin Twp (Franklin): *Stand-By 2nd Alarm* 433 Knob Hill East. Fire K/D. Holding all companies except Eng 10, 193, & Lad 10. FPO/D217 ©

    - 1340
    Hartford Twp (Licking): W/F 8059 Lock Rd NW. M/A from Plain Twp, Centerburg Twp for Engines/Tankers. House fire. FPO/D276 ©

    - 1344
    Hartford Twp (Licking): W/F 8059 Lock Rd NW. Add'l M/A from Homer for Engine/Tanker. FPO/D276 ©

    - 1347
    Hartford Twp (Licking): *2nd Alarm Equiv* 8059 Lock Rd NW. Heavy fire from a house. FPO/D276 ©

    - 2012
    Richwood (Union): W/F 21217 Peoria Loop Rd. Cos: Eng 314, 601 (Allen Twp), 281 (Union Twp), 291 (Liberty Twp), Lad 310, Res314cuE, BN 310, Tank 314. Structure fire. FPO/D276 ©

    - 2244
    Wellington Fire Dist (Lorain): W/F 18456 Pitts Rd. Garage fire. M/A for tankers. FPO/D703 ©

    --- Pages Today: 11
    --- Pages YTD: 2542


    DC Firecom/Baltimore Metro Dispatch Report
    July 16, 2002

    BALTIMORE, MD (8-4): *Working fire* Vacant dwelling at 1611 Harlem Ave (W. Baltimore). BC-3 (Ward) reports a 3-story brick vacant end-of-group 100% involved. Have dead hydrant. WFD en-route. [DC/BMD/E*23]. 16:33hrs.

    Update - BALTIMORE, MD (8-4): Working fire in a vacant dwelling at 1611 Harlem Ave. BC-3 reports bulk of fire knocked down. Checking for extension. Have (1) injured Firefighter. 3rd Medic requested. [DC/BMD/*23]. 16:43hrs.



    Governor's Office of Emergency Services
    California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
    Joint Fire Information Report

    07/16/02 0800 Hours

    CDF has 97 personnel and 2 agency representatives on incidents in Nevada and 1 assigned to MAFFS #1. CDF has 2008 personnel committed on the larger fires in California. CDF currently has 27% (90 of 336) of its fire engines and 51% (101 of 200) of its hand crews committed to all incidents statewide at this time. CDF has committed an Incident Management Team to the Lost Cabin fire near Las Vegas, Nevada. OES related resources committed include 36 local government fire engines, which represents 3% of all local government engines available through the mutual aid system (there are approx. 1,000 total available). There are 0 OES Engines currently committed to out-of State fires. Two OES A/C are committed on incidents in California, one OES A/C committed with Incident Management Team in Oregon.


    CDF -- Mussolini (Siskiyou county - 8 miles northwest of Weed)

    3,260 acres - 90% containment (Cause was lawnmower exhaust)
    6 injuries to date
    No structures destroyed, 22 threatened.
    Resources assigned:
    Total 1281 firefighters (1133 CDF, 1 OES/LG),
    71 fire engines (49 CDF, -4 OES/LG),
    44 hand crews (44 CDF, 0 OES/LG),
    8 helicopters (3 CDF, 0 OES/LG),
    16 dozers (16 CDF, 0 OES/LG)
    19 water tenders (0 CDF, 3 OES/LG),
    149 overhead (116 CDF, 1 OES/LG),
    CDF Team 3, Walters is managing the incident. Fuels interior to the fire line burned during the afternoon Monday. Firefighters continue to reinforce established control lines and mop up. Old Highway 99 has been opened to traffic. Stewart Springs Road remains closed.


    BLM -- Horse Complex (Lassen County - 13 Miles north of Susanville)

    1,580 acres - 95% containment (lightning caused)
    0 injuries to date
    No structures destroyed
    Resources assigned:
    Total 167 firefighters (17 CDF, 0 OES/LG),
    2 fire engines (0 CDF, 0 OES/LG),
    1 hand crews (0 CDF, 0 OES/LG),
    1 helicopters (0 CDF, 0 OES/LG),
    0 dozers (0 CDF, 0 OES/LG)
    1 water tenders (0 CDF, 0 OES/LG),
    104 overhead (17 CDF, 0 OES/LG),
    All fires in this complex are contained. Mop up and patrol continues. Most resources are being used on the Rush Fire.

    BLM - Rush (Lassen County - Off Hwy 395, 8 miles southeast of Ravendale)

    4,850 acres - 25% containment (lightning caused)
    0 injuries to date
    No structures destroyed, 3 threatened
    Resources assigned:
    Total 385 firefighters (124 CDF, 0 OES/LG),
    10 fire engines (1 CDF, 0 OES/LG),
    18 fire crews (7 CDF, 0 OES/LG),
    4 helicopters (0 CDF, 0 OES/LG),
    4 dozers (0 CDF, 0 OES/LG)
    8 water tenders (0 CDF, 1 OES/LG),
    52 overhead (11 CDF, 4 OES/LG),
    Fire increased significantly on Sunday and Monday. The fire is spreading northweastward in steep and broken terrain. Major problems are access and rocky terrain requiring line construction by hand crews.

    USFS - Muldoon Complex (Modoc County -24 miles north of Alturas, CA)

    24 lightning-caused fires for 117 acres - 70% containment (lightning caused)
    1 injuries to date
    No structures destroyed, 15 threatened
    Resources assigned:
    Total 534 firefighters (110 CDF, 29 OES/LG),
    23 fire engines (15 CDF, 0 OES/LG),
    14 fire crews ( 3 CDF, 0 OES/LG),
    2 helicopters (0 CDF, 0 OES/LG),
    4 dozers (0 CDF, 0 OES/LG)
    10 water tenders (0 CDF, 1 OES/LG),
    75 overhead (24CDF, 28 OES/LG),
    USFS Type 2 Incident Managed team (Dietrich) is managing the fires. Priority is Deep Creek and Muldoon fires. Access to three fires burning in the Warner Mountain Wilderness is very difficult. Structure protection continues for Cedarville and the west side of Goose Lake. Holdover lightning strikes continue to be a concern.

    Gate Complex (5 Miles North of Walker, Hwys 89/395)

    8,600 acres
    10% contained
    0 injuries
    0 residence destroyed
    Fire fighting resources: Four local government strike teams from California, one OES/AC assigned. 6 CDF overhead, 7 CDF ST of handcrews, and 2 CDF ST of engines.
    An adjustment in acreage was made due to GIS mapping of the fire.
    Slinkard fire had moderate rate of spread and is moving west, north, east and south.
    Minimal fire behavior observed for the Gate and Coleville fires.
    Hwy 395 open to local traffic and residents only.
    All voluntary evacuations were lifted.
    The Director of OES and CDF with staff will be visiting this incident this morning.

    Garnet (1 mile North of El Prado Campground & Mt. Laguna)

    1,166 acres
    90 % contained
    2 Injuries
    0 residence destroyed
    Fire fighting resources: 513 fire fighters (321 CDF), 30 engines (8CDF), 17 fire crews (12 CDF), 72 overhead (52 CDF), 4 helicopters ( 2 CDF) 3 Local Government strike teams, one OES A/C.
    Good progress was made throughout the night.
    Line improvement continues today.
    Major demobilization to begin this morning.

    Inyo Complex (West of 395 and Big Pine)

    6550 total acres (Fuller: 6,400acres) (Piper: 150 acres))
    95% contained
    3 injuries
    0 residence destroyed
    Fire fighting resources: 489 fire fighters (119 CDF), 15 engines (0 CDF), 17 fire crews (2 CDF), 93 overhead (17 CDF), 2 helicopters (0 CDF)
    Fire activity was minimal overnight.
    Mop-up and patrol.
    Significant demobilization expected by 0800 today.



    for July 16th:

    1969: 4 Alarms - Box#8931 - 5224 Fairlawn Ave - Pimlico (Northwest Baltimore) - Fire involved the North Roofing Company. (CHM1)

    1976: The Oldtown Memorial Fire Station, Hillen, Forrest, & Monument Sts, Oldtown (Northeast Of Downtown), was dedicated to all the past Members of the Department - A 2 story, 162'x162' building costing $2,650,000, it has (10) doors for the exit of the apparatus, (6) doors on the Hillen St side & (4) doors on the Forrest St side - The handsome dark brick structure also houses offices for the Fire Prevention & Fire Investigation Bureaus, plus the Infirmary - On the 2nd floor are the dormitories, dining & kitchen areas, & a recreation room - The International Fire Buffs 24th Annual Convention was in progress in town & a crowd of buffs attended the affair along with many City & State dignitaries - Presently, the following are stationed @ Oldtown: E-6, T-1 (Snorkel), BC-2, Medic-7, Air Cascade-2, Field Communications Unit, Box#414 Association Canteen & Utility, various reserve equipment, & the Medical & Fire Investigation Bureaus. (TUH*GTE)

    1982: 4 Alarms - Box#3143 - 223 Liberty St - Charles Plaza (Downtown) - Fire involved electrical cabinets on the 5th through 9th floors of the Charles Towers Hirise Apartment Building. (CHM1)

    1988: 3 Alarms - Box#8921 - 0321hrs - 2112 Chelsea Terrace - Walbrook (Northwest Baltimore) - Fire involved a 3 story woodframe dwelling - The fire was in the partitions & walls & tied up companies for nearly (2) hours - (Note: Companies with a "*" have been disbanded) 1st alarm @ 0321hrs = E-20, E-52, E-36, E-29, T-18, T-12, AirFlex-1 (Now Air Cascade-1), Medic-15, & *BC-7* (Now BC-5) - 2nd alarm @ 0343hrs = E-8, E-30, E-40, E-46, *T-22*, T-10, *Aerial Tower-111*, Rescue-1, Medic-4, Fire Investigation Bureau-1, *BC-11*, & *DC-2* - 3rd alarm @ 0436hrs = E-5 from E-52, E-13, *E-25*, E-6 from E-46, T-23 from T-18, T-5 from *T-22*, EMS Super-4, & BC-4 - Fire under control @ 0509hrs - Transfers = E-5/E-52, E-6/E-46, *E-38*/E-52, E-54/E-46, T-5/*T-22*, T-23/T-18, T-20/T-18, T-2/*T-22*. (TGA*GTE)

    2000: 2 Alarms - Box#8-1 - 0557hrs - 917 N Fremont Ave - Northwest Of Downtown - Fire involved a 2 story brick vacant rowhouse - 1st alarm @ 0557hrs = E-8, E-13, E-23, E-36, T-10, T-16, & BC-3 - Working fire @ 0602hrs = Rescue-1, Air Cascade-1, & BC-5 - 2nd alarm @ 0603hrs = E-14, *E-19*, *T-13*, & T-23 - Transfers = *T-9*/T-16, E-47/E-8 - "B" Shift. (TGA)

    George T. Ehrman



    Herculaneum (Missouri) Fire Department -


    Herculaneum Fire Department


    *** FireNet Group Of The Day: ***

    MilwaukeeFIRENET - Bill Mokros
    11017 N. Redwood Tree Ct. // bmokros@execpc.com
    Mequon, WI. 53090-4338 Milwaukee area


    Special Thanks to everyone who contributes fire news. ALSO a BIG THANKS to ALL FireNet pager groups who provide St. Louis FireNet with fire info. For a listing of these groups and how you can get a fire pager please e-mail me at:


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