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    As stated by other posts, elections to company line and executive positions can be trying times for a volunteer company. Unfortunately, many times these positions can be reduced to whoever wins the popularity contest. My station has elections every year. The usual positions(president, v-p, secretary, financial sec., etc.) are filled by the election process. Until 5 years ago, the line and truck officer positions were also filled by elections. However, after one particularly messy election, it was decided by the members to have the by-laws rewritten to only have the chief and captain as elected line officers. The other line and truck positions have since been appointed by the chief and captain. This method is not perfect, and it might not suit other companies needs. But if the chief and captain are to assume responsibility for the fireground actions of the responders, then they should be able to choose whomever they feel is best qualified for the positions.

    As a side note, we've had the same chief and captain since 1975. Other companies in our area who go through constant changes in leadership are having trouble maintaining consistancy and membership.

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    Ratman hit the nail on the head. A popularity contest.

    Our election is at the November business meeting. Then you take office on January 1. It is now and has always been one big popularity contest. There are people that show up for three meetings. The annual banquet, department picnic, and elections. No training nights, no fund raisers, not even a call. But, "they are members and they have the right to vote", so the chief says. They all vote for him anyway.

    I even wrote an ammendment to our constitution that was two pages long to try to prevent those that don't participate from making decisions for those who do. The chief said it was too strict. I revised it twice and still it is "too strict".

    But not even he can break the spirit of this firefighter. This is year number 16 for me and I've learned a lot and seen even more. He'll have a fight on his hands at this year's election.
    Another lifetime volunteer proud to serve my community.

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    Default It's not about the vote...

    Does not matter whether they are appointed, voted, drawn out of a hat. What matters is that you have minimum requirements and training levels in place. As long as they meet those requirements, who cares how they get there.

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