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    Question Hey Ron, WHat about the Members Area?

    A quick one for Ron Moore-

    In the new Members Zone, what will be different about the University of Extrication?

    Is is still on track as far as you're aware?

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    I asked the "Boss" of firehouse.com about how the University of Extrication's section of the website will be impacted by the new MembersZone. Here is the reply from firehouse.com's 'Numero Uno';

    "Basically your older stuff will move into the MembersZone, like articles older than five months or so. And anything new you write will go free for X months and then go into the paid archive. Other than that, I wasn't planning on doing anything extra and just leaving all of your stuff open for free."

    Dave Iaonne
    Ron Moore, Forum Moderator

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