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    Exclamation Hot Days.. Hot Fires... Over heated firemen

    I know my department is just the same as hundreds of others from coast to coast. We have something that began in the bucket brigade days and has carried on through our history as sort of a tradition.. "Good-olde-boy-ism"... A near disease suffered by career firefighters and volunteer firefighters alike... The old guy who still pulls a line on a hundred degree day can do it all with out a rest. But you feel the heat; and suddenly everything is heavy... Your goggles are flooding; and your skin feels like leather... But nobody else has gone down; and there haven't been any injuries in years... You don't want to be the first... the department encourages you to say something; but they really harass you for complaining of injuries... They won't voluntarily check your vital signs; as 90% of other departments do as a mandatory thing... When are they pusing you too far?

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    Thumbs down Wow...

    This aint the good 'ol days. When it comes to on
    the job injuries, you got to look out for
    yourself and others. I dont care if an ego gets
    dented, take care of yourself and others.

    Really now, do you want to lose your career, sit in
    a hospital or risk permant injury all in the name of
    ego, pride and tradition?? I hope not. Wake up, live
    in the now. Do things right. Attending a Firefighter
    funeral is nothing to be proud of. Remember OSHA is
    out there and everyone has a lawyer today.

    Hydrate yourself, use the proper PPE. Dont show off or
    gamble with your career and our customer's live and
    property all in the name of the name of "we've always
    done it that way...", etc....

    And bottom line...use common sense!!!
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    This sounds like somthing that should have gone out with the "lungs o' leather" days, when you were considered less than worthy if you donned BA instead of just getting on in there.

    Personal well being should be the top of your priorities. If you start feeling bad through dehydration and can't function, you will not be helping the rest of your team. If you do "go down" through heat stress/heat exhaustion/dehydration, you team will have to stop what they are doing to go & help you. This is even more importtant if you don't do this job full time, think of what becoming ill and unable to work will do for you full time job if you cannot do that either.

    I am also very much in favour in accountability of officers who should be monitoring the well being of their crews and making sure people get the breaks and refreshment they need to do their job effectively.

    Fires can and will be put out, but we should not kill ourselves trying to kill it.
    United Kingdom branch, IACOJ.

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