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Wednesday, July 17, 2002

· STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: STLFD has a 1st Alarm by FAO for a fire in the rear porch and reportedly a woman trapped and 4340 Maryland. Pumper 28 reports fire on a rear porch 1 line off. PUMPERS: 28, 10, 17, 29, 30, HL-15, BC 805 & 806, SQUAD 2. [STL819]. 12:36a.m.

· STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: Update on STLFD's 1st Alarm porch fire at 4340 Maryland. BC805 reports fire on rear porch 1 line off. Occupant is outside the building. Strike out the 1st Alarm - returning all Companies except Pumpers 28,10 & HL15. [STL819]. 12:40a.m.

· NEW BRUNSWICK (MIDDLESEX Co.), NJ: 4th Alarm at 982 Route 1, The New Route One Motel. 2-story 125 x 250 structure under construction. 3 Ladder Pipes, 1 Tower Ladder in operation. Bulk of heavy fire knocked down. Box struck at 0023hrs. [MNS 111]. 1:38a.m.

· STLFN: (2230hrs 7/16/02) O'FALLON (ST CHARLES Co.), MO: O’Fallon FPD *MVA with person trapped on Dalbo Rd & Hwy 79. Patient was a Priority 1 & Air-Evac flew. Long extrication. Patient was flown to St. John's in Creve Couer. NFI *FINAL* [STL388]. 1:42a.m.

· NARRAGANSETT, RI: Working fire on Rhode Island Ave. Occupied structure fire. Heavy fire on arrival. One 1045 Code 1 on scene. Request State Fire Marshal to scene. *453.100* [TAC9-C304]. 4:17a.m.

· Update – NARRAGANSETT, RI: Working fire at 24 Rhode Island Ave. Heavy fire knocked down. Victim removed. Request Ladder and Squad from S. Kingstown to scene. PWH. *453.100* [TAC9-C304]. 4:21a.m.

· STLFN: EAST ST.LOUIS (ST.CLAIR Co.), IL: (0100hrs) ESTLFD on scene of a house fire at 1621 N. 36th St. Companies: 424 & 426 responded. 1st Unit advised house fully involved - catching a hydrant. Companies on scene till 0530hrs. [STL997]. 8:25a.m.

· STLFN: EAST ST.LOUIS (ST.CLAIR Co.), IL: (0230hrs) ESTLFD Companies 425 & 426 responded to 9th & Lynch. First Unit advised 2 houses fully involved - catching a hydrant. One Firefighter taken to hospital with heat exhaustion. Companies on scene till 0800hrs. [STL997]. 8:28a.m.

· WESTFIELD (UNION Co.), NJ: **2nd Alarm** on Pacific Ave. Heavy fire in the basement of an unknown type building. [EAN45 * EAN301]. 9:09a.m.

· WINFIELD (UNION Co.), NJ: ***3rd Alarm*** on Pacific Ave. Heavy basement fire in a Commercial type building. 5 Engines, 2 Trucks working on the M/A Assignment. DWH. [EAN100 * 45 * EAN301]. 9:22a.m.

· BROCKTON, MA: All Companies working - Box 5225 at 17 Gannett St. Reported garage fire with heavy fire showing. 2 lines operating. *154.31* C302 C105 [TAC9-C33]. 9:30a.m.

· WINFIELD, NJ: General Alarm at 10 Pacific Ave. Fire in a 20x40, 1-story wood frame dwelling. M/A to work. [EANSTAFF-EAN10]. 9:38a.m.

· 2nd Alarm - NORTH READING, MA: 164 Chestnut St. Lumber yard. 2nd Alarm on arrival for a structure. M/A Wilmington/Middleton to the fire. [TAC9-C422]. 9:46a.m.

· Update - NORTH READING, MA: 2nd Alarm at 164 Chestnut St. Lumber yard. Structure fire. 2.5-story wood frame 40x40 with heavy fire through out. OIC reporting fire thru the roof. M/A to fire & cover. *453.950* C32/C33/C30 [TAC9-C422]. 9:56a.m.

· STOUGHTON, MA: All Companies working on Box 7 for 75 Mill Street. Reported machine fire inside a large 1-story Commercial structure. Engine 3 requesting a line. *453.0250* C06,C227,C105 O/S [TAC9-C519]. 10:55a.m.

· ANN ARBOR, MI: 2 Downs Syndrome children left in running auto by parent at school. 1 child unbuckled seat belt, put older model car into gear, lurching forward. 2-3 children struck/run over. 2 @ U. of M. Hospital. [MEDIA-FNNM DESK]. 11:11a.m.

· BRIDGEPORT, CT: Working fire at 636 Ogden St. Fire in the basement of a 2.5-story structure. CT173/80 [TAC9-C06]. 12:30p.m.

· COLTS NECK (MONMOUTH Co.), NJ: **2nd Alarm on arrival** on Mindbrook Rd. Barn fire with M/A Tankers en-route. [EAN700-503]. 1:20p.m.

· Update - COLTS NECK (MONMOUTH Co.), NJ: 2nd Alarm+ 55 Mine Brook Rd, Additional M/A to scene from NWS Earle. Fire is DWH. [EAN700/503/100]. 1:50p.m.

· COLTS NECK (MONMOUTH Co.), NJ: 3rd Alarm Equiv. 55 Mine Brook Rd. Large barn heavily involved with fire breaking thru the roof. Extremely DWH. [EAN 700/503/100]. 1:58p.m.

· BOSTON, MA: All Companies working on Box 6241 at 964 Bennington St. Reported smoke showing from a 3-story occupied structure. Fire on floor# 2 rear porch. Car 1 reports 2 lines operating and the fire is knocked down. C519 *483.1875* [TAC9-C06]. 1:58p.m.

· Update - COLTS NECK (MONMOUTH Co.), NJ: 3rd Alarm Equiv. at 55 Minebrook Rd. Still have heavy fire conditions thru-out a large barn. Additional M/A Tankers requested to the scene. 2 Deluge Guns & numerous outside lines is operation. DWH [EAN STAFF/100]. 2:21p.m.

· CLINTON TWP. (MACOMB Co.), MI: **2nd Alarm Equiv.** on Weybridge St. Fire in an Apartment building. Fire in the walls on the 2nd floor. Fire on the 1st floor - full length of building. Requesting Sterling Heights FD for Station fill & off duty callbacks. [FNNM-200, 400] (c). 2:25p.m.

· Update - CLINTON TWP. (MACOMB Co.), MI: **2nd Alarm** corrected location is Brynford x Weybridge. "Peach Tree Apartments." Fire is in a 3-story Apartment building. Fire on 1st, 2nd & 3rd floors & now in the attic area - thru the roof. Water problems. Request Water Dept for more pressure. Water Dept says nothing they can do. [FNNM-200, 400, 1254]. 2:41p.m.

· Update - COLTS NECK (MONMOUTH Co.), NJ: 3rd Alarm+ at 55 Minebrook Rd. Companies experiencing water problems with very heavy fire conditions. Building is 2+ stories, unknown dimensions. Fire is extending to area brush & remains extremely DWH. [EAN STAFF/100]. 2:43p.m.

· FARMINGTON, NH: Working fire at Atson Corner. Mobile home fire - kitchen fire. M/A from Milton & New Durham. *154.37* C603 [TAC9-C768]. 2:44p.m.

· FRANKLIN, MA: Working fire at 145 Fisher St. Structure fire with heavy smoke showing. *472.700* [TAC9-C30]. 2:53p.m.

· Update - FRANKLIN, MA: Working fire at 145 Fisher St. Engine 1 reports they are advancing in with a 2.5" handline. Heavy smoke condition in a Commercial building with sprinklers operating. DWH. [TAC9-C30]. 2:57p.m.

· Update - CLINTON TWP. (MACOMB Co.), MI: *2nd ALARM* Brynford x Weybridge, "Peach Tree Apartments." Fire now has Mutual Aid from Sterling Heights with a Platform and Harrison twp., Mount Clemens and Roseville with Engines and manpower. Severe water problems. Water Dept says they have maxed out. [FNNM-311>510]. 3:02p.m.

· COLTS NECK (MONMOUTH Co.), NJ: now a 4th Alarm+ Equiv. at 55 Minebrook Rd. Fire originated in a 300+ ft. 2-story barn attached to a large garage, which is attached to a very large 3-story frame dwelling. The barn & garage have collapsed. Heavy fire has extended into the private dwelling & extending rapidly. Fire is still very DWH. NJFFS extinguishing ground fires in area. [NJ375 O/S EAN STAFF/100]. 3:07p.m.

· 2nd Alarm – FRANKLIN, MA: 145 Fisher St. Reported heavy smoke showing from a Commercial structure. Co.'s operating with 2.5” hose lines. M/A en-route to scene and coverage. C30 *472.700* [TAC9-C06]. 3:08p.m.

· 3rd Alarm – FRANKLIN, MA: 145 Fisher St. Reported heavy fire conditions in a Commercial type structure. Multiple towns M/A to the fire. DWH. C30 *472.700* [TAC9-C06]. 3:28p.m.

· MVA/MCI - BROCKTON, MA: North Main St. at East Ashland St. Request for 3 Ambulances for (4) 10-45 (unknown Codes). *154.31/155.385* C302 [TAC9-C768]. 3:28p.m.

· 4th Alarm – FRANKLIN, MA: 145 Fisher St. Heavy fire in a Commercial type structure. All Companies being ordered off the roof. Multiple towns en-route to the fire. C30,C461 *472.700* [TAC9-C06]. 3:28p.m.

· 5th Alarm - FRANKLIN, MA: 145 Fisher St. Heavy fire in Commercial structure. Companies heavily engaged. Partial roof collapse as well. *472.700* C06,C30,C461 [TAC9-C519]. 3:50p.m.

· Update - FRANKLIN, MA: 5th Alarm at 145 Fisher St. Heavy fire in Commercial structure. Evacuation tones being sounded - all personnel ordered out of the building. *472.700* C06,C15,C30,C461 [TAC9-C519]. 3:58p.m.

· 6th Alarm - FRANKLIN, MA: 145 Fisher St. Heavy fire in Commercial structure 100x100, 2-story. Still heavy fire on the 2nd floor. *472.700* C06,C15,C30,C461 [TAC9-C519]. 4:17p.m.

· COLTS NECK (MONMOUTH Co.), NJ: 5th Alarm+ Equiv. 55 Minebrook Rd. Original fire building, a 2-sty frame 150x400+ extremely heavy damage with extension into the dwelling, a 2.5-story frame 45x50 with heavy damage & extension into a hay storage building. Most visible fire knocked down. Extended overhaul due to an enormous amount of hay. PWH. [EAN STAFF/100]. 4:22p.m.

· BAYONNE (HUDSON Co.), NJ: **2nd Alarm** 629 Broadway. Building fire. Request additional Truck to the scene. All Companies working. [EAN388]. 5:10p.m.

· WARWICK, RI: All Companies working at *Villa Del Rio Apartments* on Bald Hill Rd. Fire in the ceiling on the 3rd floor. *154.31* [TAC9-C304]. 5:43p.m.

· Update - COLTS NECK (MONMOUTH Co.), NJ: 5th Alarm+ at 55 Minebrook Rd. Fire is under control with a very extended overhaul operation. Some M/A Companies being released. Relief crews being requested. [EAN STAFF/100]. 5:50p.m.

· Update – WARWICK, RI: All Companies working at *Villa Del Rio Apartments* 303 Greenwich Ave. (corrected address). Fire knocked down - minor extension to attic. PWH [TAC9-C304]. 6:07p.m.

· HARTFORD, CT: Working fire at 110 Edwards St. A garage fire. CT19 [TAC9-C32]. 6:16p.m.

· QUINCY, MA: All Companies working - Box 1318 at 224 Presidents Lane. Smoke showing on arrival. Engine 1 reports a kitchen fire. 1line operating and the fire is knocked down. *483.5375* [TAC9-C06]. 6:17p.m.

· PLAINFIELD, NJ: 2nd Alarm at 1203 North Ave. Heavy fire in a 3-story dwelling. M/A to work/cover. [EAN44/10]. 6:37p.m.

· STLFN: EAST ST.LOUIS (ST.CLAIR Co.), IL: (1845hrs) - ESTLFD Companies 424 & 426 responded to a house fire at 1700 N. 42nd St. Engine 424 advised working fire with flames showing from bedroom windows of a 1-story frame. Companies on scene for 45 minutes. Red Cross notified for family assistance. [STL997]. 7:44p.m.

· STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: STLFD had a car fire in the Barnes-Jewish Hospital parking garage at Kingshighway and Barnes-Jewish Hospital. Squad and HL15 were special called for their fans for smoke removal. PUMPERS: 28, 6, HL15, BC805 & SQUAD-2. [STL819]. 10:40p.m.

· STLFN: NEW ATHENS (ST.CLAIR Co.), IL: New Athens FD is on scene of a *MVA* on Rt.15 @ the Kaskaskia River Bridge. NFI. (STL 835). 10:54p.m.

· RICHMOND (MCHENRY Co.), IL: A 3rd Alarm on Box #5-1483 @ 5816 Route 173 for the working structure fire. No size-up available. Extensive M/A from 4 counties to the scene. [CHGO6/7/150] (C). 11:38p.m.


*** FirePage Ohio Report for July 17, 2002 ***

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- 0200
Cleveland: W/F East 66 & Berwick. BN 1 reports a 2.5 sty house well involved. Cos: Eng 26, 9, Lad 7, Squad 1, & BN 1. Eng 11 - Worker. Lad 13 - RIT. FPO/D700 ©

- 0556
Union Twp (Clermont): (Delayed from 0350) W/F 4274 Spider Mill Dr. Cos: Eng 21, 11, Med 21. Heavy fire showing from rear of dwelling. FPO/1002/D217 ©

- 0911
Evendale (Hamilton): W/F 2450 Glendale-Milford Rd @ DFI Industries. Comm'l structure. Evendale Sta 40 with M/A from Reading Sta 83. FPO/1002/D217 ©

- 1724
Cardington (Morrow): MVA/PIN in area of 1214 SR 529 near CR 134. Lt 207 reports confirmed entrapment. Cos: Eng 23, Res21cuE, Squad 2. MedFlight S/C'd. FPO/D240 ©

- 1743
Cardington (Morrow): MVA/PIN in area of 1214 SR 529 near CR 134. Med 2 enroute to Morrow County Hospital. MedFlight diverted to ER. 50s male, unconsious, head trauma. FPO/D240 ©

- 2209
McKean, PA (Erie): MVA/PIN 8300 Block Edinboro Rd. Cos: Eng 63, BT 69, Squad 64, Med 2, DC 401. Life*Star Helo (7YL) S/C'd. 1 pinned. FPO/D800 ©

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Governor's Office of Emergency Services
California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
Joint Fire Information Report

07/17/02 0900 Hours

CDF has 97 people out of state, including 2 agency representatives on incidents in Nevada, 1 assigned to MAFFS #1 and an Incident Command Team assigned to the Lost Cabin fire near Las Vegas, Nevada. CDF has 1,371 personnel committed on the larger fires in California. CDF currently has 23% (78 of 336) of its fire engines and 42% (83 of 200) of its hand crews committed to all incidents statewide at this time. OES related resources committed include 10 local government fire engines, which represents 1% of all local government engines available through the mutual aid system (there are approx. 1,000 total available). There are 0 OES Engines currently committed to out-of State fires. Two OES A/C are committed on incidents in California, one OES A/C committed with Incident Management Team in Oregon.


CDF - Mussolini (Siskiyou County - 8 miles northwest of Weed)

* 3,260 acres
* 90% containment (Cause was lawnmower exhaust)
* 5 injuries to date
* No structures destroyed, 22 threatened.
* Resources assigned: 1097 firefighters (1017 CDF, 0 OES/LG), 63 fire engines (54 CDF, 0 OES/LG), 44 hand crews (44 CDF, 0 OES/LG), 6 helicopters (2 CDF, 0 OES/LG), 11 dozers (11 CDF, 0 OES/LG), 9 water tenders (0 CDF, 0 OES/LG), 142 overhead (107 CDF, 0 OES/LG)
* CDF Team 3 (Walters) is managing the incident.
* Mussolini Fire is holding within established lines.
* Cooler temperatures and higher humidity occurred overnight.
* Helicopters are cooling burning fuels and flare-ups interior to the perimeter of the fire.


BLM -- Horse Complex (Lassen County - 13 Miles north of Susanville)

* 1,580 acres
* 100% containment (lightning caused)
* 0 injuries to date
* No structures destroyed
* All fires in this complex are contained and nearing control.
* Mop up and patrol continues.
* All resources remaining on this incident are managing and supporting the Rush incident.
* This will be the last report for the Horse Complex.

BLM - Rush (Lassen County - Off Hwy 395, 8 miles southeast of Ravendale)

* 5,015 acres
* 95% containment (lightning caused)
* 0 injuries to date
* No structures destroyed, 3 threatened
* Resources assigned: 636 firefighters (74 CDF, 0 OES/LG),15 fire engines (0 CDF, 0 OES/LG), 27 fire crews (4 CDF, 0 OES/LG), 2 helicopters (0 CDF, 0 OES/LG), 0 dozers (0 CDF, 0 OES/LG) 9 water tenders (0 CDF, 0 OES/LG), 34 overhead (6 CDF, 0 OES/LG)
* The Rush fire is holding within established lines.
* Fire Crews continue to cold trail the eastern side of fire in sparse fuels.
* Demobilization of resources will begin today, with most released from the incident Thursday.

USFS - Muldoon Complex (Modoc County -24 miles north of Alturas, CA)

* 24 lightning caused fires for 117 acres
* 90% containment (lightning caused)
* 1 injuries to date
* No structures destroyed, 15 threatened
* Resources assigned: 512 firefighters (72 CDF, 0 OES/LG), 22 fire engines (15 CDF, 0 OES/LG), 12 fire crews (1 CDF, 0 OES/LG), 3 helicopters (0 CDF, 0 OES/LG), 1 dozer (0 CDF, 0 OES/LG), 10 water tenders (0 CDF, 0 OES/LG), 105 overhead (21 CDF, 0 OES/LG)
* Line construction has been completed on all fires.
* Several fires need more mop up to reach containment.
* Holdover lightning strikes continue to be a concern.
* Demobilization will start Wednesday and most resources will be released by late Thursday.

Gate Complex (Mono and Alpine County - 5 Miles North of Walker, Hwys 89/395)

* 8,600 acres
* 30% contained
* 0 injuries
* 2 outbuildings, 0 residence destroyed
* Fire fighting resources: 1,034 firefighters (61 CDF), 79 engines (10 CDF), 22 handcrews (7 CDF), 76 overhead (6 CDF), 0 helicopters, 12 dozers
* 2 Local Government Strike Teams assigned as well as 1 OES A/C.
* Slinkard fire expected to expand. Expansion and intensity is dependent upon wind direction and speed.
* Line construction at the south end of fire with continued pre-suppression activity at the head of the fire.
* Structure protection in place for the Holbrook area.
* Voluntary evacuations are still in effect for the Topaz area.
* Hwy 395 is expected to open today at 1000 hrs.

Garnet (San Diego County - 1 mile North of El Prado Campground & Mt. Laguna)

* 1,166 acres
* 90 % contained (Expect full containment by 1800 hours )
* 1 injury today
* 0 residence destroyed
* Fire fighting resources: 108 fire fighters (89 CDF), 2 engines (1 CDF), 4 fire crews (4 CDF), 40 overhead (26 CDF), 0 helicopters
* Mop-up and patrol.
* Incident will transition to local forest on 071702 at 0900 hours.
* Last report on this incident.

Inyo Complex (Inyo County - West of 395 and Big Pine)

* 6550 total acres (Fuller: 6,400acres) (Piper: 150 acres)
* 100% contained
* 0 injuries today
* 0 residence destroyed
* Fire fighting resources: 303 fire fighters (58 CDF), 12 engines (0 CDF), 10 fire crews (4 CDF), 80 overhead (12 CDF), 1 helicopters (0 CDF)
* No projected fire movement expected as containment lines continue to hold.
* Mop-up and patrol.
* Transition from Type 2 to Type 3 team planned for today at 1400 hours.
* Last report on this incident


Wednesday, July 17, 2002 9:10 AM
Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth Fire Captain shot and critically wounded and his entire family, wife and 3 kids shot and killed.





for July 17th:

1932: 9 Alarms - 6-6-1828 & 3-3-1829 - 1535hrs - 1700 Block S Clinton St - Canton (Southeast Baltimore) - Fire involved the Pennsylvania Railroad's Pier #'s 3, 4, & 6 - The crew of the Fireboat Deluge noticed a heavy pall of smoke hanging over the piers across the harbor & started to investigate, when Box#1828 sounded @ 1535hrs - Acting BC-1, Edward Schmidt, Captain E-41, sounded the 4th alarm upon his arrival - The members of E-41 ran with the hose line toward the water end of the pier & looking back, saw the fire racing after them - They ran for their lives, abandoning 200' of hose, & barely got the engine safely out of the blazing inferno - 6 alarms were sounded from Box#1828 & 3 alarms (9th alarm) were sounded from adjacent Box#1829 as the fire wrecked (3) piers & damaged a 4th - (7) firefighters were injured as they fought the dangerous & often dramatic battle with the flames being driven into a fury by strong winds - (25) firefighters were overcome by smoke & heat & treated @ the scene by the Department Ambulance crew - Flames were still shooting from the charred, twisted, & burned mass of wood & steel which had been Piers #'s 3, 4, & 6 @ 0100hrs - The fireboats turned their deck pipes on the fire from the water side, but the land forces took the beating as the wind changed & blew the fire towards them - Chief Engineer August Emrich responded from his summer home. (TUH)

1966: 4 Alarms - Box#1828 - Highland & Eastbourne Aves - Canton (Southeast Baltimore) - Fire involved the American Smelting & Refining Company. (CHM1)

1969: 10 Alarms - 6-6-734 & 4-4-7142 - 1903hrs - 2500 Booth St - West Baltimore - Fire involved the 2 story brick Becker Pretzel Company - The 17th Annual Convention of the International Fire Buffs Association was being held & buffs from all around the nation were feasting on bull & crabs @ the Earleigh Heights Fire Hall when (Poor) John I. Hruska announced the fire & a contingent of buffs, led by Big Sid Quinn of the Box#4 Club of Dallas, Texas, rushed outside to board buses & were swiftly driven to the fire - The building was fully involved, which necessitated the sounding of 10 alarms by DC-1, Roland F. Wett, before it was extinguished - Employees had fought the fire in the basement until some machinery crashed through the ceiling & then ran to sound Box#734 @ 1903hrs - (4) firefighters were injured including Joseph Ernest, whose back was burned by spilled battery acid - The only pretzel factory in Baltimore was destroyed. (CHM1*TUH)

1975: 1 Alarm + Special Call (3) Engines & (1) Truck - Box#366 - 0423hrs - 536 Laurens St - Upton (Northwest Of Downtown) - Fire involved a 3 story brick rowhouse - The fire was 1st reported by BCPD Police Sergeant Ronald Collins while on patrol & the dwelling was well involved @ that point - Firefighters quickly arrived, got (3) hoselines on the fire & had the flames subdued in less than 14 minutes - BC-4, William L. Hunt, radioed a special call @ 0436hrs & E-7 & T-10 responded to assist to search the adjoining dwellings - Firefighter Ronald Jones, T-11, had climbed the fire escape of a nearby building, leaped from rooftop to rooftop & slid down into the blazing dwelling through a back window, but was burnt about the head & face - (5) ambulances were summoned when (6) of the (13) occupants of the burning dwelling were hurt as they either jumped out of upper windows or ran through the flames to escape - After precious moments were spent in quelling the furious flames in order to enter & attempt to make rescues, firefighters found (6) person, aged 2 to 18, literally cooked beyond recognition - (2) of (3) overnight visitors escaped the inferno with their lives, but both broke their legs in jumping from the 3rd floor - (2) other rescue-bent firefighters somehow made it inside the flame engulfed dwelling, the 1st in, Firefighter Stanley Williams, E-13, was overcome by the intense heat & smoke & was dragged out in time by his comrades - Another firefighter, Raymond Lockett, E-13, conducted a search for the victims until his air ran out, then half stumbled & half ran down the stairway, collapsing when he reached the ground - Firefighter Wilbur Sturdivant, E-1, was burned on his arms when he crawled in a 2nd floor window - All were taken to Mercy Hospital, treated & released - @ 0510hrs, BC Hunt special called E's Co#'s 8 & 18 to assist in the long overhaul job ahead - Firefighters dug through the rubble & debris searching for an incendiary device, recovering broken glass suspected of being part of the Molotov cocktail bomb - Chief Of Department Thomas J. Burke responded to the fire scene & repeated his stand for the installation of smoke detectors in all city dwellings - Police Officers acting on information received from neighbors, who earlier had heard a boy & girl arguing loudly on the sidewalk over $20, including a threat made by the boy that he would burn the house down, arrested the 19 year old boyfriend of 1 of the victims, as he was in a telephone booth nearby - He was charged with hurling a firebomb into the dwelling & (6) counts of homicide - On 3/17/1976, the boy was the 1st person to receive a capital punishment sentence for murder under Maryland's new death penalty law - His lawyers appealed the decision. (TUH)

1997: 4 Alarms - Box#731 - 1358hrs - 1921-1929 W Baltimore St - West Baltimore - Fire involved (5) 3 story brick rowhouses - (3) of the dwellings were vacant & (2) were occupied - The fire was reportedly started by drug addicts - It rapidly spread through the common cockloft - (Note: Companies with a "*" have been disbanded) Silent alarm @ 1358hrs = E-36, E-8, & *T-13* - Fill out the box @ 1358hrs = E-55, E-23, T-10, Air Cascade-1, Medic-4, & BC-3 - 2nd alarm @ 1404hrs = E-30, *Aerial Tower-102* (Now T-2), T-23, Rescue-1, Medic-15, & *Shift Commander* - 3rd alarm @ 1406hrs = E-13, E-58, E-26, T-8, T-1 (Snorkel), Field Communications Unit, & Assistant Chief Of Operations - 4th alarm @ 1422hrs = E-2 from E-30, E-52 from E-13, T-16, Medic-12, & Medic-16 - Fire under control @ 1509hrs - Transfers = E-52/E-13, E-5/E-14, E-2/E-30, E-46/E-52, E-27/E-2, E-5/E-55, T-3/*T-13*, *T-7*/T-1 (Snorkel), BC-15 (Callback)/BC-5. (TGA)

George T. Ehrman



This sight contains a lot of good fire pictures. For those of us do not understand what the term of greater fire means in LA. This shows some picture of them.

Click here: CHIBI Photos



Originally Tuesday, July 23, 2002 was scheduled to be a night to honor Firefighters and EMT’s from New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania at the Camden Riversharks game.

After the tragic events of July 4th in Gloucester City, we are changing this to be a fundraiser for the CAMDEN COUNTY HERO SCHOLARSHIP 200 CLUB

We will be honoring the fallen firefighters during pre–game ceremonies:

*Jim Sylvester – Mt. Ephraim Fire Dept.

*John West – Mt.Ephraim Fire Dept./Camden County Fire Marshal’s Office

*Thomas Stewart III – Gloucester City Fire Dept.

The Camden County Hero Scholarship has provided each family with a check in the amount of $5,000 and will provide for the surviving children’s education when it is time for them to enroll in college.

Please join us Tuesday, July 23rd in helping the Hero Scholarship. Your support will enable them to continue providing assistance to the families of Camden County’s Fire, Police and EMS personnel if their loved one makes the ultimate sacrifice.

Tickets for the game are $7 with 50% of the ticket cost being donated back to Camden County Hero Scholarship. A minimum of 20 tickets makes up a group. To purchase tickets contact the Group Sales Dept. at (856)963-2600. Individual tickets may be purchased from the Hero Scholarship at (856)768-9656. The Hero Scholarship will only benefit from ticket purchases made in advance through the Group Sales Office or the Hero Scholarship Office.


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