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    Default Anyone have information on the "Federal Model G Hand Siren"?

    Anybody know anything about the Federal Model G Hand Siren? It is a hand-cranked mechanical siren with a yellow label on top that says "serial number 55." It appears almost new, and works perfectly. I know it has to be an antique, but looks like it was never exposed to the elements. Sounds like a scaled-down Federal Q2B. When was it manufactured? What was it used for? What are they worth? I appreciate any help you folks might be able to give. THANKS!

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    Is this what you're looking at?
    G-1 General Alarm Portable Siren
    I also found this:
    1. Where can I buy a hand crank siren?

    One good place to look is eBay. The most common kind for sale is the Federal Signal Model G, which is a small (5" across) high-pitched siren designed during WWI as a gas alarm, not a proper "air raid" siren. These sirens are on ebay usually several times per month, and the selling prices range from $200 to $400 depending on condition. WWII-vintage models with carrying case generally get the highest bids.

    Hope this helps.

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    Arrow Siren Man...

    Take a look at this web site. Lot's of info about sirens and other warning devices.


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