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    Crap........sucked into a "discussion" with a guy who's been a firefighter 4 years. I shall now leave these forums forever and do more productive things with my time. To all the fellow DOD firefighters who are out there, nice talkin to ya. Medic, good luck in the Air Force, hope you have the time of your life. That is all.
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    Fedfire, Do you not like sharing ideas with someone that has only been a firefighter for 4 years?

    I must renew the quote:

    When you have been in some Bosnia craphole on a crash truck, or on a Somali airfield with shot up aircraft with live ordnance coming in hard, then you can tell me about experience
    This says nothing about fighting fires. I never said you were not a firefighter. Maybe you don't feel like a firefighter for whatever reason, but I never said you weren't. One of the guys I work with was in Saudi for almost a year and he says he never saw a thing. Doesn't make him less of a firefighter. Doesn't do anything for experience either. But all of this says nothing about being a firefighter. Some firefighters go months without a fire while others may go to several fires in one shift. We are all still firefighters. Good luck brother.

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