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    Question vindicator with class A foam

    I have just returned from the firehouse expo, and would like to know if anyone is using the vindicator nozzle for class A foam fire attack. The people from first strike indicated the foam produced from the vindicator was equal to the foam from a 'cafs' system, is this anyone's experience? This is a revolutionary nozzle, apparently, and I would like to hear from anyone using them (plain water, or class a or b foam) to see if the claims of the reps are somewhere near true.

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    here's some other people that posted some info on that nozzle.


    this was in the fire tactics forum, had to go back about a month or so to find it.
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    There is a thread on the Vindicator that broke about the time New York City was just starting to test them. It was sometime last year. The thread wasn't entitled Vindicator, but the usual straightbore vs. Vindicator vs. TFT combie nozzles went on for quite some time. It was during this time that competing sales people got into it and almost got the thread shut down. I do not sell; I use. We have two Vindicator nozzles; one on each truck and on the pre-cons. We have had them for 2 and 4 years respectively. They have performed flawlessly and have been literally drop tested from the bed of our truck without any compromise to the performance of the nozzle. The barrel was out of round, but we fixed it with little effort.
    They work great with foam, though I would recommend using a flowmeter to get your mix just right. Like I said; we liked the first one that we bought so well, that we bought another one.
    Be prepared for pros and cons. Some love them; some hate them, while others just don't know.
    But seeing is believing, but the true test comes from using them. Until you've had one in your hands, you can't appreciate what they can do. They create another option in your arsenal of weapons. It is not a nozzle that will replace all the others, but will complement what you already have.
    The best advice I can offer you is go to a department that has one or contact First Strike Technologies for a demo.
    Have them show you the heavy attack 2-inch. They are awesome!
    Stay safe.

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    My career department has used them for about three years now, and we love them. We attach them to 2" preconnects and run .5% A foam through them. One firefighter can comfortably stand/kneel and flow in the neighborhood of 300gpm with no problem. It is an excellent foam nozzle due to the aspiration provided, but I haven't heard it compared as equal to CAFS. I will say this nozzle puts out a LOT of fire quickly. Neighboring combination department loves it and Houston has crews that swear by it and others that won't touch it. Try it out and see for yourself. I think you'll be impressed.

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