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    Question Current Diving

    What are the SOG's for current diving in your area?

    Rescue v.s. recovery etc.

    I live on the Mississippi River and am curious as to what your limits are.

    Your response will be greatly appreciated. ain't all that bad!!!!!!!

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    Our tactical procedures explicitly state that the arriving company is to gather information to determine whether or not the incident is going to be a rescue or a recovery. Upon arrival of Special Operations, the Rescue Team Leader will use the information to do a risk/benefit analysis and decide whether or not to commit personnel. A "go/no-go" decision is made between the incident commander and the Rescue Team Leader. If either of the two (after looking at the factors) determine that the situation will be an unnecessary risk to personnel, they can keep the divers out of the water. If one says it's acceptable and the other doesn't, we rule on the side of not committing personnel.

    If the incident is a recovery, we turn it over to law enforcement and let them run the scene. In South Carolina, if it is an "emergency" scene, the Fire Department has jurisdiction. A recovery is not an emergency, and we treat it as a crime scene instead.
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    Ah yes, phone numbers for the Divers Alert Network.

    Duke University Medical Center
    Peter B. Bennett Center
    Durham, NC.

    To reiterate: EMERGENCY (919) 684-8111 (CALL COLLECT) or (800) 446-2671 (TOLL FREE). Non-emgergency (919) 684-2948.

    In an emergency, they (DAN) remind you to contact local EMS first!

    The above sentence was taken from & I urge more information be gathered @

    Proud to be a DAN member, happy to have not needed them yet.
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