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    Default NEW Battery Pack

    If anyone has the time, check out www.aircraftdynamics.com, and see the new battery pack system(ROBOPACK) that they have developed. It can run anything from 6-24V DC, and will last almost 15 time longer than your standard battery, and it's compatible with all the exisiting cordless systems out there!!

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    I saw the battery pack at the Firehouse Expo. Looks like a winner to me. Check it out!

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    I've worked with their prototypes for the past two years. The bugs have been worked out of the system with the introduction of their current design for fire and rescue.

    I currently have two units; one a standard RoboPak that attaches to a DeWalt 24v recip saw. That unit is in service on one of our Truck companies.

    The second unit I carry with me in my FD vehicle. I have a 24v DeWalt saw attachment for it along with a 12v lamp attachment and a really neat flourescent lamp on a coiled cord. Great soft illumination for the interior of a vehicle.

    In training, I typically run one RoboPak off and on during a three-hour morning session and a three hour afternoon session and the Pak still has juice left at the end of the day.

    One of our officers took my training unit home to cut brush along a fence line. He worked with it for a full 3 hours before it finally started to slow down.

    At a crash the other day, I placed the RoboPak on the hood of the truck with the 12v lamp to light up the interior while the firefighters used the 24v DeWalt to cut out the windshield and remove the roof.

    Here's a shot of that incident. The yellow cord by the RoboPak leads to the DeWalt saw. It is being used on the vehicle on the left to cut roof pillars.
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