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Thread: Bronto

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    Question Bronto

    We are just starting to look at replacements for our 1987 LTI 100' tower. We just had a demo of the Bronto Skylift 100' Fire Rescue Platform and we were very impressed with it's capabilities. We didn't look much at the chassis and compartmentation because we were so taken with the stick itself.

    The question is: Does anyone have any info on the reliability and maintenance costs or any thing else that we should know about the Bronto? Our other choice may be a Pierce 100' midship tower.

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    If you're looking at a mid-mount tower ladder look at Aerialscope, they're the best. All of out aerials are manufactured by Aerialscope and we've never had a problem. We even have a 1986 Mack Aerialscope still in service that's never needed any major repairs.

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    The Bronto trucks are essentially altered E-One units. Federal Signals bought Bronto a few years ago to get the heigher height abilities of the units that they built for South East Asia. The ladders out there went over 200 feet. If you missed the good look at the unit then you need to call them back to see if they'll bring her back up for you to drool over again. (Nothing wrong with that by the way.)
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    First I can only comment on our Bronto Skylift that was purchased in 1989. The model was a 93ft. articulating platform much like the ones the Toronto Fire Department had purchased. This unit was the first one to be built for service in the United States,the boom was built by Bronto Skylift in Finland and was shipped to Anderson Engineering in Vancouver British Columbia to be mounted and the body built. This apparatus replaced a 1972 Oshkosh/75ft. Snorkel. Unfortunately in its' short 10 years of service it spent more time out of service then it did in service. The problems are too numerous to list,but after spending 8 out of its' 10 years as a Captain assigned to it the biggest problem we had was with the sensors. I can recall at least 4 major fires were the boom shut down while in operation,stranding members in the bucket because of these sensors. Also you can imagine the problems the Department Repair Shop had with getting technical service.

    Do not know if these problems have been addressed with the newer units,but with your experience with E-One the department replaced the Bronto with a 85ft. Snorkel in 1999. Also you might what to contact the City of Newark NJ Fire Department,they have all E-One apparatus and I believe they still turned down the purchase of a Bronto.

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    Lightbulb Bronto

    Chaska Minnesota just purchased a 100' bronto. Contact them for current information.

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