i belong to the mississauga fire department ontario canada,its the next city west of toronto.
we curently have 18 stations and with in the next yaer or so there are plans for at least two more.we have aprox 700 firefighters on four shifts.we cover pearson international airport,they have there own firefighters but are not as yet trained as struct.. ffs.
we have a wide variety of trucks ranging from command posts to heavy rescues ( 4 ) fully stocked haz-mat we have several 100'ladders as well as tella squirts.we are curently looking into rescue pumpers we have one in the city now (the one iam on) and it has worked out very well and they now have plans to put one in each corner of the city to aid the squads.the truck of chioce is a 2001 american lefrance 8000/Lper min pumper smeal built.