For just a moment think in terms of selling real estate property. Imagine only the buyer having access to the market value of your property that you want to sell. And the buyer puts the deal together...drawing up the papers for you to sign. Sure you can object, but in the insurance world it's how property claims are usually handled, chiefly due to policyholders' unawareness.

It is important for policyholders to have a basic understanding of how to determine what they are entitled to under their property insurance policies (home, business, auto, boat, etc.), in terms of fundamental adjusting principles, rights, and rules that govern insurance company behavior. And, how to calculate, prepare and settle their claims, if need be. This is especially important for disaster survivors who are most vulnerable in the time of their great need. Equal information truly is the benchmark of fairness.

I hope I have piqued your interest on behalf of disaster survivors.


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