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    Default Process??

    Does anyone have an idea on how the notification process works? I understand that the rejection letters will start to be sent out, and this will continue throughout the year. I read somewhere that FEMA will send out a "confirmation" package to see if your tax stuff is still the same, and this can be done by email or maybe snail mail. This package should arrive approx 2-4 weeks prior to an announcement being made that your department recieved a grant.

    Does anyone know if this is true? If not, what is the process? Should we be keeping an eye out for these "packages" as well as the rejection letters? Just wondering. I have been to FEMA and USFA and haven't been able to find anything yet.
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    About three weeks prior to the announcement of our grant award, we received an e-mail asking us to confirm contacts, if we had funds available for our match portion, and if we would accept the grant if awarded. This required an e-mail reply.

    About two weeks prior to the announcement, we received an e-mail asking us to complete a banking form verifying the account and routing information of the bank info in our application. This was e-mailed back, and also a hard copy mailed back.

    Good luck!

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    That is what it appears to be the schedule. However; we recieved and returned the question e-mail the week prior to the last round of awards. I was kind of hoping to recieve the direct deposit request by now, but I haven't recieved anything form FEMA as of this time. With what appears to be the schedule that they have been using, I was kind of getting my hopes up in making the next round (around Aug 5).
    With not having recieved the green light to send in the direct deposit info, I'm a little concerned on whether or not we have made it. The link to the direct dep. form is still on our app. site? So what does that mean? By the schedule that they appear to be following, we would have to send in the direct dep. info this week!
    Good luck and congrats to all that have recieved awards!
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    Default heres how it went for us

    we got the call from fema on 7-05-02 and she asked about 5 questions we got a e-mail that told us to fill out a 1099 so we did that and overnighted it back they got it on the 10th of july we got confermed in print on the second round still have not got anything else yet like a call from the bank saying go write a check you got money

    hope that helps good luck and be safe

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    Heard that there are some 1500 grant notifications waiting to be made, (as in FEMA has approved the application/project, all that has to be done is make the call to the FD and say "Congratulations, you got your grant"). Only problem is there is a bit of a hold up - You see Congressional Members want to be the ones to make the "official" call to their respective constituent Departments.

    So while Congress and FEMA work out who is going to make the call, there are some 1500 FDs who have been approved for a grant - its just that they are just waiting for either FEMA or someone from Congress to call them, and they don't even know it.

    I just hope that with the summer Congress' summer recess coming up, they won't hold notifications during the recess.

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