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    Question Window Security Bars

    Your Dept has a moderately sized fire in any dewlling, be it single family dwelling to a Warehouse occupancy and there are Security Bars on some or all of the windows.
    -Do any or all of the bars get removed?
    -Do the bars removal depend on where the companies are operating?
    -What is their priority in removal?
    -Who does this task and how many men? Truck, Rescue (or if you don't have such companies...who?)


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    If the fire is in a private dwelling then all of the bars should be removed. If they are set in wooden sills then it is very simple and takes very little time. If they are set in concrete or brick, removal becomes much more difficult and time consuming. The reason for removal is to open an escape route should a firefighter working in the interior need to make a hasty retreat. We are all taught that when we become disoriented, the first thing to do is remain calm and then make an attempt to find an exterior wall, in particular a window.
    If the fire is in an attached OMD then the bars on the original fire bldg. should be removed and bars on any exposures that the fire may extend into.
    For a fire in a large commercial type structure, I would say any bars in the immediate vicinity of the fire should be removed. If the fire was to grow and spread throughout the building, chances are the operations would switch to defensive and all personnel would be operating from the exterior.
    As for who performs this operation, any crew that is available. It would probably be the second due ladder or third due engine. We don't have rescue/squad companies. This is the way that I would want to see it done, others may disagree.

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    For residential fires, all the bars absolutely come off. This is for FF egress, and to find potential victims who may be stacked at the barred window.

    Here's an idea - how about preplanning, if not specific buildings, then specific boxes which may contain many of these buildings, in order to have an extra truck company automatically dispatched. That way, you have a specific company with that specific assignment.

    As for commercial structures, again, all bars should come off as is reasonably possible depending on the size/involvement of the structure.

    Stay Safe

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