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    Post first interior attack

    I just returned from my first structure fire where i got to do an interior attack and I just have to tell somebody about it. I know that alot of you have probably been into burning houses so many times that it might not still excite you as much as it used to, but I am still running on the adrenaline high and balancing all the mixed emotions at the same time.
    The fire was on the second story of a 2 story modular home with 2 of the bedrooms and the master bathroom involved upon arrival. A senior member of the dept. determined that a quick interior attack could be made and the house could be saved, so I suited up and followed him and another FF into the house. The senior guy handed me the nozzle and said that he would guide me through the firefight so we went upstairs and began crawling down the smokey hallway.
    By this time I was excited as hell and scared ****less at the same time and as we neared the fire, I could see the flames licking across the ceiling. I was just about to open the nozzle when I heard a loud boom that shook the entire house. At first it took all I had not to turn tail and run, but we stayed put for a few seconds and regained our bearings. We backed out of the house and determined that the floor beneath one of the fire rooms had given out and crashed to the first floor, but the rest of the second floor was still stable enough to work on. So we went back in and I fought fire until my low level alarm went off and the next team releived us. They finished controlling the fire and by that time the mutual aid departments were prepared to help overhaul and the fire was extinguished.
    Now that I've had a chance to really reflect on what happened, I realize how much fun I really had and how eager I am to go again to the next one (ahhhhh... the youthful exuberance).
    Like I said, it might not seem like much to you more experienced firefighters, but it is definitely something that I will remember for the rest of my life. And thanks for letting me share it with y'all.

    Just for hoots and giggles, what was you're first interior firefight like?

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    Default POP

    You have been "deflowered" and it sounds like it was a pretty good fire to boot. I know there are alot of truck people out there, but there is NOTHING like putting the fire OUT..I have been doing this for 21 years and it NEVER gets old. Your first fire or your 500th, you still have to do the same things. Coming home in one piece is the goal. Congratulations...Now go drink some beer.

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    You probably haven't seen nothing yet. During your next 20 or 30 years your probably going to get mores rushes than you can think of. Don't forget that you'll also see things that are not as glorious and sometimes very disturbing. It all comes with the territory. Congratulations on your baptism.
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    Congrats smfd...welcome to the family.

    My first one was a little different. We were 3rd due at a fire in a hair salon that had a seperate pet suply store attached. Fire had extended to both occupancies when first due arrived. When we arrived on scene, I packed out and went in with my LT. Now this was just about the time that positive pressue fans came along in my department, and trust me...we know a lot better now....but about the time we got inside and started attacking the fire...someone decided to start up PPV from the opposite side. Being the green rookie I was....and knowing that this was nowhere near what I had been thru at the SCFA...I thought I was dead meat. I'll never forget how my Lt handled it....he never paniced...he just put his hand on my shoulder and said "Wide fog and lets back out of here" So I did. I learned that day that when the poop hits the fan...instead of panicing....calm down, keep your head and generally you'll be able to work things out.

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    Talking Dont forget !!!


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    I can not even remember my first one....so long ago. Just know it was a room and contents in an old house with plaster walls and ceilings and we were still wearing 3/4 boots and had just started using hoods.

    Welcome to the family. Mikey has good advice for you..
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    Ahh, another cherry dropped. Congrats brother!!

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    Default 1st Interior attack

    Sounds like you are headed for a great career as a Firefighter. You should really thank the experienced Firefighter that handed you the knob. Many times, older Firefighters are a little reluctant to go in with rookies. (not having interior experience except for training)
    As was stated before, you will see alot of things in the future. Some not so easy to digest. Just enjoy your moment(s) when you make a difference, but do not gloat on them, for another challenge will face you and you will have to accept the confrontation. Pay attention, Train hard, and accept the situation. You'll do fine.

    I too cannot remember my first interior attack, but I still get the rush after 33 years. Was Deputy Chief in another Department, but moved and am again enjoying just being a Firefighter. And yes, still classified Interior.

    Best of Luck to you.
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    I remember my frist interior attack. Late 70's was a Jr. FF'er, back then the only thing we couldn't do was drive. We only had a couple of air packs and I didn't have one. Made entry and a good stop but the smoke was something else. What has really made that memory stick was the taste of the fresh air when we exited. Very sweet, that is something I'll always remember.

    Congrats Brother and good job!

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    Congratulations man! There's nothing better than a good stop.

    Just wait though, someday the fire will "look at you." Then, man oh man, you'll be hooked for life.

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