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    Question 9-11 dispatch tapes

    greetings All,

    Not long after the events of 9/11 Firehouse.com had excerpts of dispatch tapes that were recorded by a fellow in another state. Supposedly there were two hours worth of the recordings, which were going to be made available to 911 centers for education purposes. The link disappeared from Firehouse after a short time. If anyone has any information about where to acquire copies of these tapes for my 911 center, I'd be most appreciative.


    Shaka Kahn

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    I forget how he managed to record it but from what I rember, the guy was a Ham Radio operator in California. I don't remember exactly what he had linked up to record it, but somehow, he did. It is 3 files, on is just after the first collapse. The second picks up where the first one stops and has the whole second collapse on it. Third one again pics up where the second left off. They are pretty incredible. The dispatcher was amazingly calm, based on what was going on outside. There are also similar recordings of NYPD. I don't know where to find it now, but I'm sure if you search the net for the FDNY Radio Recording from 9/11, you'll find it.


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