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    Default weighty workout woes

    I am looking for some suggestions on weight training, but don't have the money to afford a personal trainer. I am somewhat overweight, but in relatively good shape. I am working with my Doctor and have lost 10 lbs. now, and he suggested that I start working with weights. He did not give me any idea of the kind of weights, reps, or anything. I don't want to hurt myself so are there any suggestions for a "rookie"?

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    Slow and easy to start is some of the best advice for weight training rookies. You don't what to over do it becasue you could injure yourself or lose the modivation you currently have. You can get some good books on developing your program plus they explain the proper form and techniques for the various excerises. The Fitness section here at firehouse.com isn't to bad and can help get you started.

    I've also looked at the gymamerica.com site which is referenced in the Fitness section of Firehouse.com it seems ok but I've decided to wait to see what improvements that make to the workout section before joining.

    Good luck!

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