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    Default 3 LODDs in CA

    Three Firefighters Killed in Calif. Vehicle Rollover at Wildfire
    Two Others Suffer Serious Injuries

    Source: National Incident Information Center
    Official News Release

    Three engine crewmembers were fatally injured in a vehicle rollover early this morning on the Stanza Fire near Happy Camp in the Klamath National Forest.

    Two other crewmembers sustained serious injuries as a result of the accident.

    The firefighting community extends condolences to the family and friends of the deceased.

    The total number of fires exceeding 500 acres nationally was 32 Saturday.

    There are now more than 24,000 people engaged in wildland firefighting efforts in the United States.

    May these three brothers Rest in Peace.

    Jeremy Culver
    IACOJ Bureau of EMS

    These views are my own and do not represent the views or opinions of anyambulance service that I am affiliated with.

    Help our fellow firefighters.
    "Firefighters Helping Firefighters"

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    Farewell my brethren. It is a tragic day indeed when any fall in the line of duty.
    I send out special sympathies on behalf of all my fellow Karuk, Yurok and Klamath who hail from Happy Camp and the surrounding region, home of the tribes that make up my family and so many other families.
    The land is truly gods country, and these firefighters were putting their all into protecting some of our nation's finest lands.

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    Default Our Fallen Family

    Rest in peace my brothers and sister

    We in the firefighting family have lost three more from our ranks in our forever ongoing battle against the beast of fire. My thoughts and prayers go to the "home" families of the fallen, may your sorrow and suffering be short but the memories last forever, and also wish of full and speedy recovery to the other two firefighters injured in the crash. Watch over us from your station upon high, and help us to win the battle.

    This is simply a response from my own person and in no such way reflects the views of any agency for which I work, or vollunteer for.
    Jason A. Myer
    GS-05/6 Firefighter/EMTB
    USDA Forest Service
    Plumas NF

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    Unhappy Gratitude

    I had the distinct pleasure of knowing Heather DePaolo when we were growing up as kids in Buffalo, N.Y. Her brother Jeremey and I were good friends and she and my little brother were good friends. It was a time in my life that I'll never forget and I was deeply saddened to hear of her passing. We knew eachother when we were young and full of dreams of what the future held; those were some of the best times of my life.

    The last time I saw Heather, it had been years since I'd seen her last. I ran into her when she was a part of Americorp in South Carolina and I remember feeling happy that I'd seen her again; I had been able to feel like a kid again. My brother had kept in touch with her more than I had and they shared a closer bond...but I always thought of her as a younger sister. I'll miss her and those innocent times we shared together all those years ago.

    Thane Gallagher
    Senior Patrol Agent
    U.S. Border Patrol

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